13th Floor


Rising one step at a time


Falling gracefully out of line


Getting closer to being alright


Feeling too much weight; I could break


This is too good to be real


Forgetting to read between the lines


Making it all fit together so that each cog moves


One of the pieces was broken, time to tear it all apart
Failing to notice I was several stories up

Not realizing how far I had come

Being thrown from the rooftop skewed my perspective

So for every three steps up, I took one back

I’ve made it to the 13th floor

Most don’t get to roam these halls

Public access denied

But I see apparitions of what has been done

who was at fault

How it was made right 

Once they notice my presence they stop their procedures

Waiting for recognition towards completion

So I nod in approval

Of crimes already committed

Open heart surgery 

To stop the hurt

No anesthesia, so the patient writhes in pain

But like a hole in the head the pressure is a relieved

A sigh of relief

I’ve seen enough 

I don’t need it to be explained

The pain is necessary 

And the methods are not to be beheld

I tape off the floor

Scrape off “13” with my teeth

I don’t plan on passing by here again

I will continue 

Going up, up, up 

And then down

But 3 minus 1 is still 2

Someday I’ll see you at the top

And we’ll see who falls down

Because there is quite a difference between standing and climbing 

Unlike you, my muscles have not had a chance to atrophy


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