Wanting to feel olive green

Listening to old jazz

Sipping southern iced tea

Sitting on a rocking boat

You know what you did

This life ain’t so bad

When we remember the hidden cabins in between

The memories of hands let go

Before they stopped wanting to know the shape of your nose

The discoloration in one eye

The reasons why


Was always the reply

You keep those pieces girl

The pieces no one sees

The pieces just for you

Because no one could comprehend

The weight of your burdens

The pain from your scars

The joy in those laugh lines

The passion of curled up toes

Every person serves a purpose

For every person they intersect

Sometimes it’s a shame

We don’t truly

Utilize that


Near Miss

Then it turns me over

Makes me remember

I fall down

Not on purpose

Big display

Of gathering dust

Left by meteors

Entering the atmosphere

Only to disappear

No sudden

Jarring impact

We weren’t made for the greatness

They told us we were

We weren’t made for the common life

They told us we were

Hoping for cataclysmic events

To shake the dirt from the roots

Instead just settling into a sedentary planet

That holds its own weight

Overreacting to


Near misses

Devastatingly calm

In the end

Time is the real

Undetonated bomb


I can be the image in your head

Only as long as you hold it there

Peel at the wallpaper

Find hidden creases

Leading to a jammed door

Pry at the hinges

Start to look inside

Dusty portraits

Worn out books

Journals written in cursive

Following trails created by dirty looks

Founded in paranoia

Cemented in experience

I’ve been told I’m wrong in twenty different ways

I once believed every offense was real

Until I met a reflection that had no depth

No room for interpretation

I moved my broken body there

A picture of Dorian

Stares at you

Directly in each eye

You start to fear a corruption of cells

That leaves you helpless

When everyone is gone

I offered to pull you into the looking glass

But you couldn’t look away

I’ll sit here

Stirring ripples in the pond

Tsunamis on the other side

Wait for you to feel a force of nature

That moves two worlds

Until they finally collide


Night is complex

It gets broken

When we let it go

Making regrets

That split open mouths

Normally composed

Too composed

Morbidly composed

Controlled by standards set

When life was pastel

Before lines began to thicken

Spiked with hope in something that was never


But we ran into its deceptive glass

Applauding how it shattered

When all we wanted was something

Outside of the illusion

Finding ourselves contained

Tongue in Cheek

My words can decapitate

I keep them under lock and key

Until someone kicks the hive

Stinging until I die

A smile imprinted with blood

Across the face of a rock

That guides lost explorers home

Because redirection is sacrifice

An absence of who we use to be

A loss of life

A second coming



Renaissance for the faithless age

After the calm

Comes the storm

After the storm comes reinvention

I need a companion

Who can weather through all seasons

A storm is brewing

Euphoric anticipation

As oceans begin to rise

Mountains begin to quake

Ships set sail

My heart long ago sank

My chest pounding out of habit

I try to keep words and feelings tightly clenched behind incisors and molars

My words only fit here

With tongue in cheek


We all feel a little bit weird


Outside the lines

When mandibles move

But aren’t quite aligned

When words trip over teeth

Making tongues get tied

You sell me your insecurities

A bargain buy

I’ll lend you mine

Return them

Just not on time

Cracks in the binding

Dog eared corners

Let me know you’ve seen this too

I wouldn’t iron any of it out

Don’t apologize

Or ask me if I mind

You were you

Before I saw your face

It’s not odd to feel out of place

Misplaced arrogance helps fools fit in

The sound of your own voice is never what you’ve known

That doubt is what lets your weakness show

Cover it with a coat of


By whom you know best

None of us are doing this right


I don’t need to ask questions to know who you are

I pay attention to every move

Every breath

Every movement of the eyes

I listen to vowels and how they overlap

I knew I was being judged from the moment I arrived

You had made up your mind

Before I opened my mouth

Maybe that’s why I let it all spill out

No repercussions

Just a stranger

Who would become stranger still

You acted like the missed connection was because of a lack of intimacy

In reality

It was your need to jump into a closeness that naturally requires steps

Without any preparation

No rewards or take-backs

Sorry to disappoint

Like you said, “they” don’t like me

Your friends whom I’ve never met and never will

Yet you came in with their prejudice

Their stagnant ill will

This is how we function

And compartmentalize

We meet people with no purpose

Other than to see how far we can sneak inside

How deeply we can get under their skin

Suddenly pulling away

Like a ghost that was never really there

Never really felt or heard or seen

I’ll be a phantom

You’ll see a glimpse of


When your mind is empty

Looking for possibility

That one you never really wanted

That one you just wanted to see

That creature behind glass

Free admission for a limited time

How curious real people are

Who love beyond self fulfillment

Who struggle

In order to thrive

What must that be like

To not be completely enthralled with self-satisfaction

To not dissolve when it gets difficult

To not walk away when you want to

I didn’t ask any questions

Your unsolicited statements

Spoke for themselves

Ten years is nothing

When you live all alone

On an island of Self

Freed Anxiety

I have nothing more to say

As all zeroes cross the board

Impending doom

Is just beneath dark circles taking hold beneath each mismatched eye

Hoping for optimism

As only the pessimistic do

Knowing which medicine to consume

Letting conspiracy stop my own attention to a cure that would make everything subside

Wondering if anxiety is simply an attempt to make consistency in misery feel fine

A line I cross when the forgotten well has run dry

Not knowing how to function in an existence

Possibly sublime

I seek out disfunction

In the form of distraction as I ask the heavens why

I’m determined to return

To a kingdom

I once called mine

Despite seeing nothing but uncharted seas and impassible mountainsides

With a forced smile on my lips

Challenge accepted

I know how sweet impossible can taste

I want to savor each drop

As I let it pass lips

Softer than you’d expect

I long to feed my hunger

With what I can’t quite reach


We once called things unholy

Now all of our faith has been lost

What do we do when see evil

Not even hiding

In plain sight

Holding a cross

When the unspeakable is just a cartoon

When right and wrong are opinions

Everything is simply a different point of view

Is this just growing up

Is this a bite taken

From fruit

We were never meant to eat

I wonder about things too often

I wonder about things all of the time

I wonder about things until they are inside out

One day I’ll lose my mind


I’m working overtime

Trying to turn this around

My state of mind

I don’t know why it hits

Or how it falls

But I feel

Two mountains

Imploding into themselves

As they collide

A generation of moving

Led to this catastrophe

We should have seen it coming

Closed eyes

Hear cars screeching

Feel blood seeping

I let everything gush out

I want a guarantee before I let

That slip out

Couldn’t keep it in again

Fake a smile again

Hush the connection again

Plug in

Circuit overload

Chaos is all I know

Someone needs to paint

A work of art from this mess

Be my own muse

I’ve got nothing left to prove