There will come a day when the river violently rushes through

You will struggle to stand

The dirt will tumble into the water

Debris will knock you down 

The wind will welcome you back

Until the water reclaims you

You won’t have time to think

The automaticity in your muscles

In your bones 

Will find a way

Without acknowledgment of what is happening 

Your body will fight

To survive

Because we are born with a desire

To be

You will rise up

Seeing for the first time

The horrible disaster 

As it was

Find your way to the buildings that still stand

Tend to your wounds

Recounting the tragedy 

No one will truly understand

But they will see it

On your face 

When you pause

Revisit it in your mind

Without speaking

You will show us

In that moment 

That is when

(If we let it)

Humanity will rise


I’ve been crying on the floor


Stitching up both sides

Isn’t it funny when the world hangs upside down

Turns away from frowns

Makes living seem like a game

The best we play

Coffee break mornings

Bicycle afternoons

Evenings for pretending 

We won’t be leaving too soon

I’m a frightful mess



All around

But when I got it

I got it bad

And it’s playing in my head

Skip that record, baby

All ends are dead

I’ll be your backup 

You be my just in time

This life is for living

For now

Coasting sounds just fine


Come here 


Let me give you a kiss

Blow you away 

Into the future

What have you got to risk?

I’ve tried touching you

Always falling apart

I had visions 

Sneakers on railroad tracks

That was back then

When the world was round

Looped around 

Connected on all ends

Before strings were cut

Seams violently split

I saw you holding a diamond

Delicately cut

Placed it on spidery fingers

White strip teeth

I’ve never been that kind

Hair tangled in the wind

Dirt from the mountains in every pore

Colors chipped 

Edges jagged

When it comes to choosing 

Someone to stand behind

I never knew how to be in that line

So I sing what I want

Dance how I can

Strong in my shoulders

Lifting life up with both hands

I’ll die knowing

I could have been a prize 

In another life

In another way

If only I had learned 

To walk that way

Maybe it’s better 

To not be put on a shelf

I’ve always loved moving 

Directly where 

The sun hits the earth

All About





Be angry

Let go

Love is always buried underneath

Between the harsh words

And angry looks

The sun gives us


Each morning

To try again

To get it right

To hold on tight

To shoulders that carry

Too much weight

Pulling at joints 

Ripping at cartilage  

Surgery can only masque 

The damage

But I can hold you

In my dislocated arms

Squeeze you 

Until you feel important 

Worthy to be loved

This wasn’t your fault

It wasn’t mine

Sometimes life is all about

What you can’t hide

What you can be 

Despite these 

Heinous crimes

Land That I Love







Don’t you forget

Land that I Love

What it is we came here seeking

Carry me to the sea

Lead me down your cracked roads 

Guide me to the lights of the city

Give me choice 

And a voice

Never try to harness my mind

Our actions should be kind

Let us not assume a privilege

That was paid with our great grandfather’s blood

Assumptions are naive

And lead to a loss of what was won

Let us be educated

The only weapon to fight a bomb

Compromise is not defeat

But giving up our values and beliefs

That’s not what makes us who we are

As we stand on our feet

Hands over hearts

This is not a mindless act

This is dedication to a way of life

That is so rare

So fragile

Let us disagree

And make a point 

But also be willing to hear

We need a left 

And a right

In order to remain 

Thoughtful debate

And concentrated thought 

Let us not, as Thomas said,

Go gentle into that good night

No immunity has been given

But rather a continuous fight 

To keep what we have

And that is our God given right


I’m going to

Start this thing

Over again

Why can’t I

I’ve always said

Based life on a 




Now I’ve been educated

Ready to take a thoughtful approach

That doesn’t take itself too seriously

Dusty books

Broken bones

Everything ends up 

As the same dirt beneath oblivious feet

I’ll travel the solar system

Maybe run into you

Make you wish you could catch my incessant    

Thirst for climbing

That drives each foot forward

Making life go 

Oh so abruptly

With no shock absorbers

Full impact

Felt through the heart

Which is why it beats so powerfully

Working it’s way through the pain

I don’t feel anymore

All I feel is an urge to be inspired

Expand on a temporary world 

That will barely know my name

But those of you 

That spent time 

Entangled in my arms and legs

Will never forget 

The way I lived 

And laughed from the inside

Old Fashioned

“Old Thinking”

Men passing 


Around at the bar

This is funny

As they smoke their cigar

Women with large naked breasts

Makes them laugh 

Without shame

Call me

Old fashioned 


I’m sick of this one-sided game

Women feed the disease 

With attention seeking ways

A night of cat and mouse

With one final aim

Wouldn’t it be nice

To talk and be heard

To be more than skin that covers bones 

Imperfections that are abruptly pointed out 

As if we forgot what could be seen behind our doubt

Watching hips swivel 

Necklines plunge

There’s a difference between being free

And blindly fastening our own chains

30 days and 30 nights of being touched without permission

Expectations clearly laid

A right to our bodies

Implied and assumed

No interest in our brains

I met a man who looked me in the eye

He talked to me 

He listened when I spoke

Heard when I paused 

Respect given and received

No assumption of my body’s obligation 

To make him feel like a man

Shockingly rare 

Refreshingly calm

Anticipation unforced 

Rules we once knew

Rituals we once followed

Before we became beasts 

Tackling each other in dark corners

The mind is so much more seductive 

Than an animalistic urge

To conquer and claim

To own and submit

I look forward to finding out

How deep this old way of thinking goes

Challenger Deep

I had to get the water out

Weighing down the ship

Loosened all unnecessary luxuries 

Threw them o’er the side

Checked the vessel for leaky seems

Tightened all the screws

It seemed our voyage was at a loss

But I was simply recovering from you

I told the crew

To take leave

We wouldn’t be setting sail 

Pirates boarded the ship

Used up every resource they could find

I tried to fight them off

Then I simply let them come inside

Began to barter and haggle

Convince myself I was in control

The ship had changed 

The vessel that once saved my life

Now felt like a tomb

Carrying me to a final deep sea dive

I found myself sleeping during the day

Riding the waves at night 

Eventually all sleeping ceased 

I walked half dead when the sun was up

Fell into unconsciousness for an hour at a time

Never enough to find myself

Sanity was walking the line

Now I’m sick of feeling stuck

Always hated fighting the tide

The doldrums love seeing me lose my mind

I won’t allow it this time

You deep sea creatures

We are coming for you

Upgraded to dive

I didn’t make it traveling the seven seas

Forced beneath the surface

I’ll make it my home

Challenger Deep

We’ll see how far you really go

What ungodly souls live inside




Your colors 


Pick up with that heat

Leave the skin

Marked by your presence

Tell us how to stay discreet 

Punish the unprepared 

Embrace those that 


Being loved

Giving it up 

One drop at a time

Until they’ve been let down





And it no longer has a name


Do you see us

Scattering across

Cracked dirt

We wait for you every morning

Your indifference

Draws us in

When Did We Stop

When did we stop singing

Believing moved past what we knew

Paper was concrete

Facts were immovable

Now the world is a giant tide

Shifting truth back and forth

It’s so simple what we need

But it’s not in the rule book

It’s not written down

We feel it when we yearn to be next 

To a body that isn’t there

Making life complicated

Staring at watered down reality painted in neon lights

Amusement is not entertainment

I want to hear your voice

I want to know when we gave up

Because I’m going insane

Still trying to reach new galaxies

When my ship has no fuel