Far Off Galaxy

Needing more protection

I covered my back with broken branches

I woke up at night

Became one with the moon

I swam in the Milky Way

I breathed in too soon

Broke into a million pieces

Collided with the sun

I called you back over

You wanted to come

But didn’t know how to love me

When the daylight brought doom

I took over a far off galaxy

Broke into shapes of darkness

That fit only what they themselves defined

I woke up

Your arm around my resting head

It felt like summer

And smelled like rain

I saw a dandelion open

From inside

That’s how I knew



You wanted me to see you

In a defined light

That created your profile

A noble chin

Indignantly raised

Eyes cursing thoughts

Crossing indifference

From time to time

It’s harmful to hold yourself

Above the process

Of life

As if there is some token

Guaranteeing your superiority

That never truly existed

Still I wish you’d stop counting

The number of ways

I let you down

All I ever wanted

Was to be happy

With you

Traveling across a country

No name to claim

Faded short sleeves

Under comfortable sweaters

Two sizes too big

Because when you’ve found me

The world opens up

Travel her highways

Long after love

Has moved on

Glorified Selfie

I saw myself through someone else’s eyes

It wasn’t what I expected

Not nearly half as bad

The blemishes were porcelain

The worn out look

Carried commonalities amongst friends

Confidence had been fully enabled

No need to put up the facade

Edges were softened

As shadows cut where they belonged

Lips pulled every moving body inward

Calculating how to attach

For any amount of time

Because there is fragrance

In an untamed


Passionately honest heart

That is what I saw

That is what I felt

That is what I lay down before you

Always on bended knees

Looking Up

Looking up

To find inspiration

In the way you dance

Because I taught you that joy

I gave you something

That will carry you

When the world stops caring

It’s hard to talk about

The most delicate things

The parts that make up a home

With missing pieces

But I see the universe

In your contemplative eyes

Gives me hope

Makes me want to create a future

Despite the obstacles

Created by the past

Ignorance of intolerant minds


When you smile

As if nothing has ever been wrong

In a Beautiful world

Let us all

Follow a child

As they see what could be

Because we have forgotten

As the corruption anchors

From the inside

I want to hold on to you

Until you carry me home

Because it’s not me baby girl

You will be the one

To change how we see everything

This Way

Pieces of grandmother

Sanity intact

Knowing one drop of blood

Was familiar

Rest of these strangers

Tied me up in the dark

I’ve never thought much

Of forced empathy

Or a disregard

For caused pain

When we no longer

See people

As having a name

We lose the right

To ask for help

One job remains

Wake up in the morning

Don’t cause harm


Tie brokenness together

Be the ending to this sadness

It was never meant to be

This way

Of the Fittest

A struggle for survival

Nature at its cruelest state

When vines begin to strangle

Moonlight seals her fate

Determination of the hunted

Fights back against

Sneaky fiends

Trying to outsmart

Clever tricksters

More than once

She’s bitten forbidden fruit

Confused by the mixture of joy and remorse

Never wanting to fail

Sometimes continuing to breathe

Despite cracked ribs

Is the only victory

Embraced with inner zeal

The ones who climbed the highest mountain

Without obstacle or hardship

Surely don’t feel every ray sent down from heaven

That crackle beneath their feet isn’t quite as crisp

That tear falling down their cheek

Can’t be from a heart

Shredded by so much defeat

When the impossible is in her sights

The world becomes a maze

Some people are just made that way

Too Tight

It doesn’t matter what is remembered

It’s what is felt that engraves our hearts

With silhouettes

Of shaky fingers

Tingly toes

Blushing cheeks

Uncomfortable glances

Across an open floor plan

First moves

Barely bend

Trying to maintain

Forged shapes

At least we tried

To contain the ocean

Between skipped


Never quite keeping time

Rather letting it run

Until there was nothing

But a mountain of sand

We could use

To create a shaky foundation

Stability was never


I fancied

Maybe something

I never had

My life fits in a hurried backpack

Dreams of holding


In another’s fleshy hand

Stick in my failing eyesight

Squinting to remember

A feeling of belonging

Sometimes I feel it

And hold on too tight


Pride is delicate

See through

Yet incandescent

It can fill up a room

It can destroy continents

It can draw people in

It can isolate a nation

As a child

Pride was in every movement

Every common task

Growing brought disappointment

A constant reminder nothing special could be found


As eyes spread

And mouths curved away from light

Nothing but tearing away

At each layer

That had been built upon baby soft flesh

Leaving deep grooves under eyes

And pockmarks along cheeks

Tripping oversized feet

Only to feed insecurity

In the most heartless way

Chin rose after each quiver

Picking up paper doll cutouts

To mend splintered emotions

Some people have never been content with

Others being okay

Finding flaws in simple happiness

Was their only way

They created targets

That got used to being shot

Every garden has a winter

The sun is finally being forced out

As roses


And daffodils alike

Demand to be given their chance

To be seen

And worshipped

Before they are collected

To be put on display

A death in adoration

Is better than a life never lived

Hollowed Out Trees

When you spin the world and let it go

You see all the moments

You’ve lived

Come and go

The ones that stand out

Are the ones to embrace

The ones to pin along the inner lining of your rib cage

It’s funny how we spend eternities

In hollowed out trees

Where we dwell in the darkness

If what will never be

Only to miss the awe and wonder

Of the fireflies

Celebrating summer skies

That you can carry

In your open ended imagination

Until you no longer need the

“What if”

Because now is your meaning

Your fulfillment

Coming from each breath

Each shoulder you graze

Each act that has no piece of self

I want to stop needing

To fill a void

I want to start feeling


It’s in the tip of your little finger

Just a speck

Just a little

Just enough

To break down reinforced concrete walls

You are beautiful

I hope you know that

I hope you breathe that in every morning

Your glory

That was painted upon your face

By fallen angels

Who no longer receive God’s grace

You’ve been overlooked too long

You’ve been forsaken by standards

That were set just out of reach

I see you

I see your glow

I will write you down

To be discovered

When the world looks the other way