Slow Dancing

Words are faint


When you don’t wish to find

Who is on the other side

Explaining motives is pointless

How stories unfolded

How things came and went

What’s happening now

In this moment

Is all we are willing to spend

On people

And moments

I invested in an idea


To say the least

Where I would be everything

Because I held onto what is real

Trouble is

My reality isn’t like yours

With all of your screens

Intake and upgrade

My roots cling to the dirt

Old fashioned

And outdated

Obviously obscene

Expecting to be accepted for what is

Not for what could be

I dance across your thoughts delicately

Claiming each frame

But I’ll never be more than a trivial dream

Of what could be if things were a bit more antiquated

A bit slower than this fast moving train

It’s a shame in the end

All of those things we’ll never do

Those things you’ll never be able to comprehend



What do you think about

In between




Endless solar systems


Into supernova

Black holes

Consuming themselves

Until time becomes


Slow moving

Your mind burns my eyes

Trying to follow you in a line

That begins where it starts and curves where it bends

Whispering condescension

Over my spine

Eyes looking up


You’re mine

Even if I never catch that

White rabbit

I’ll never forget where he took me

While I tried and I tried


Truth only comes out one way

Until it’s splintered into spectrums

The only thing not absolute

Is what happened and why

Covering up interpretations of

“I never loved you”

Only a believer makes this statement

Come alive

The actions

Don’t speak

But they hold more


Than your eyes

Than your mouth

Your vengeance spewing mouth

In all of its holy disgust

That held me in its grasp

I’ve loved many times

Bullets still inside

More damage if removed

My truth

Is your catastrophe

I’ve heard it my whole life

Pretty girl

Folded limbs

She likes to come off cold

Make her angry

Then you’ll see

She may have just gone mad

Truth is you are talking to me

And I hear every word

Truthful or not

No Refunds

Tiny splinters in the crease

Constant pain

Picking at calluses

Hardening skin

Always something



Needing to be done

Needing to be completed

Needing to be turned in

Turned over

Put back in place

Distract with love

Distract with hate

Keep on going



Assembly in process

Batteries not included

Go and go

Don’t sleep

Sleep and keep eyes open

Turn objects into gold

Manipulate time into an item

A commodity

A piece of plastic

That can be bought




But never returned

No Never returned

No refunds on lost time


The mountain looks so much bigger when you’re falling

Ignorantly flailing for something to hold

Something to break a fall

Instead of protecting the head

Tucking into a ball

Letting the event run its course

You can’t stop an avalanche

Not once it has begun

People are so entitled

Deciding what they can control

What they can leave behind

Sometimes parasites go undetected

Infect the brain

Cause you to see visions

Of what can never be explained

You thought the cliff extended

You thought you’d have more space

More time

Your body will decompose before your mind

Before your soul

Finally see what’s on the other side

That thing you’ve been seeking

That obsession in your gut

If you find a way

Let us know what you find


Who is using whom anymore

It’s hard to tell

Letting legs rest together

To remember 

When Love was a feeling

When it seemed real

Not made up

Or fantasized


In our busy busy lives

Being old was an honor

Having loved one person 

A mother and father

Now we split ourselves into categories

Hold civility in obligatory meetings 

Pretend like it’s courting 

Comparing and judging 

Waiting to see who is next in line

I like it when you catch me off guard 

When you impress my mind

When you remind me of an excitement 

I thought I could find

When I was young

Still naive

I like the way you look at me

Maybe that’s enough 

To put in my locket

To pretend 

I don’t know what Love is anymore

But I’m fond of my fingers being laced in your hair


Everything you hate about me 

Is a piece of yarn 

Scrunched together 

In the corner

Of my room

Gathering dust

I straightened it out the other day

Carefully draped it across the ceiling 

A decoration 

An adornment 

To my bedroom

Where I rest 

Where I contemplate

Where I problem solve

I tried cutting pieces of it out

Scissor’s blades were too dull 

I tried staring at it until it shined

Yarn is yarn

And always will be

I just let it sit

Got used to it

Accustomed to it

Fond of it

You came into my room 

Said I should tear it all down

I told you 

You could leave

You didn’t like that

Being told

Your advice being left at the door

You sulked around 

Pretended to be more upset than you were 

I offered you a cup of coffee

We sat in the decorated room

Stared at the ceiling dressed with my flaws of yarn

Every sip interrupted silence

You looked at me

Hiding a change of heart

“I’ve got yarn at home

I could bring it by”

“What color is it”

“Does it matter?”

“Not at all

I’ll help you hang it up 


Super Hero


You don’t know me

With colors fading in the rain

Waiting for life to scream your name

Some of us still needed to be saved

Dampness became a river

When rocks held on to feet

I reached out for you

Disgusted by my despair

You put away your cape

I’m the water in the flood now 

Moving faster than anything that could be stopped

I blur through your vision

As you fly through the sky

Feet firmly on your platform 

Men don’t really fly anymore

They hold onto ropes and pretend to swing

Until they get old

Until they get lazy 

Until they stop caring enough about dreams

Because life is easy 

When your belly bears no fruit 

When you don’t have to be in love

To have girls sit on your lap

When coffee is always hot and the sky is always clear 

From quiet porches you flip through stories of men who were brave 

Imagine what that would be like 

Then drink another beer 

Think about slapping that girl’s ass 

And clumsily fall asleep 

Super hero

You could be so much more  

The Tracks

Shoes tapping

Waiting for a sound

Vision blurred 


Intended to dull the pressure

Of ribs crushing in

She was perfect 

And soft

Covered in incandescence 

Her voice was an octave off

He loved the way her nose would crinkle 

She traced the profile of his face 

Felt the rise and fall of his lips

Let her breath fill up his lungs

But that was last night

Before he came home

An hour too soon

To find the door locked


Welded to be air tight

He could see shadows 

Knowing more than one body was inside

He felt fear turn into anger turn into rage turn into hate

Trying to open

Tear down

Demolish the obstacle blocking his way inside

She gave no explanation for the man who fled into the night

“You had to see this coming” 

Were the words used to fill her bags packed 

Waiting for daylight

“Yesterday you loved me”

“I don’t think I ever did”




Dropped from the inside 

Emptiness took over 

As a man began to scream

Pedestrians bundled 

Sped up their pace 

The sounds of a desperate man 

Aren’t muffled to make you feel safe

The scene had been set

The climax complete

What could come next

He felt nothing below his feet

He walked on sand to get more liquor

Eyes that have no life reveal more than words of despair

He started to cross the tracks 

When he felt the vibrations of a permanent solution

Shoes tapping 

Waiting for a sound

Fog delayed the big reveal

No time to think 

The sound of inevitability blew from the train

Loud and obstinate

The train held its course

Last night I heard a man crying like no human thing should 

I walked quickly the other way

Headline reads

“Suicide Suspected for Man Hit by Train”

Middle-aged man shakes his head 

“Can’t they just do it alone 

In their home

Train’s been off schedule for the past thirty years”

I saw a man standing by the tracks at night

His eyes were empty 

They no longer had life

I tapped him on the shoulder

Offered to buy a coffee for us both

He cried like a human

Made me genuinely feel

It’s weird how kindness

Can save everything 

When we let it be real



You have it

The key

Car door is bending 

Lock is solid

Anticipation is salt

Upon hinges

That were too weak


With steal

No way to jimmy the lock 

You have to use the key

But where is that damn key

You were lacing it across knuckles

Feeling its teeth

Warming its metal 

Between broken fingerprints

Your brow is beginning to soften 

As sweat begins to rise

Hands are clenching 

With no one to blame 

But your own mind

Where did you put it

You can taste the metallic flavor

From the last time 

Your hands were full

You bit down on it with your teeth

Folding your tongue back

To avoid the taste 

That key

Is the only way out

It’s the only way to get you 






Maybe You’ll just sit down

Maybe You’ll just stay in

You didn’t need to get out

So badly

Bending knees 

Arching back

Slowly placing a deceptively heavy body down

On a deceptively uncomfortable couch cushion 

Sharp sudden pain

You curse to the empty heavens

“You son of a bitch

You were here all along”

Pick up the carefully cut piece of metal

Thumb tracing its face

No going out now

Just satisfied to know where it is

That the option is there