Take Notice

Some of the good

Is better

Than the ocean opening up its waves

Hard to write

Hard to tell

Of children

Making things simple again

Love that is hard to find

But easy to feel

Friends that come out from under

Homeless city streets

Sometimes the best things

Are not traceable

Or detectable

Or spoken with cords

So eager to jot it all down

So we stare out windows

Sit in our heads

See times

When the sun hit the clouds

Smiles felt like sugar

After a forty day fast

Your hands made me dance

That moment made me sing

I will rewind it

The images in my mind

The stenographer’s notes

You wouldn’t hate me

If you saw what I can never define

We all have a light

Behind each bright eye

Sometimes we notice it

Most of the time

We just walk on by



I think about wall paper

And how it always seems to peel

The plaster is no better

Creating shapes to keep me up at night

Even smooth edges get caught up in the moonlight

When the curves of shadows move with the tide

And the stories of what could be seem better than real life

That’s when my mind overflows

And all of the ideas are too much

I freeze in an abundance

Of what could be done

If only I could begin

With step one

No Refunds

Tiny splinters in the crease

Constant pain

Picking at calluses

Hardening skin

Always something



Needing to be done

Needing to be completed

Needing to be turned in

Turned over

Put back in place

Distract with love

Distract with hate

Keep on going



Assembly in process

Batteries not included

Go and go

Don’t sleep

Sleep and keep eyes open

Turn objects into gold

Manipulate time into an item

A commodity

A piece of plastic

That can be bought




But never returned

No Never returned

No refunds on lost time


Who is using whom anymore

It’s hard to tell

Letting legs rest together

To remember 

When Love was a feeling

When it seemed real

Not made up

Or fantasized


In our busy busy lives

Being old was an honor

Having loved one person 

A mother and father

Now we split ourselves into categories

Hold civility in obligatory meetings 

Pretend like it’s courting 

Comparing and judging 

Waiting to see who is next in line

I like it when you catch me off guard 

When you impress my mind

When you remind me of an excitement 

I thought I could find

When I was young

Still naive

I like the way you look at me

Maybe that’s enough 

To put in my locket

To pretend 

I don’t know what Love is anymore

But I’m fond of my fingers being laced in your hair