Assembly Required

Building blocks

Not insured

No manufacturer’s guarantee

Perfect in the display

Not easily replicated 

Without hot glue

Meticulous planning


On towers toppled over

What went wrong

Angry people

Forcing homes to fit

You were climbing jungle gyms

When I fell in love

That was missing

Absent from the directions

Families come in complete sets

But sometimes they come together in pieces 

Assembly required 

When they find their heart

All the pieces move in synchronicity 

It is a punch to the heart

That reminds broke down buildings

Why they were built

How to provide shelter

How to fit together

Why life is a gift

I love standing next to you in the park

I love watching children run

I love feeling laughter

I love 

I love

I love

It’s been a long time



What can be done 

What can be said

There is hurt so deeply cut into this earth’s surface 

That we feel it 

Vibrating through the asphalt we paved to try and bring humanity closer together

Instead we run each other down

Drive by with loaded guns

Killing is common and seen

Shared images created as art or expression

But it ended as entertainment 

As much substance as reality television 

That is running a nation 

Conceived in liberty 

For a select few 

That walk the way they should 


With their eyes narrowed

On money in pockets

Laziness is contagious


The ONLY reason for poverty

Because life doesn’t happen

Jobs are never lost

Opportunity never taken away

Everyone makes the right choice

ALL of the time 

Mothers don’t overdose

Children choose their fate

Little girl’s don’t need to hold their daddy’s hand through life when he chooses to walk away

Everything works out as planned

And no one ever dies

Unless they’re extremely old

Or extremely poor

And it was just better that way

Utopia is real

As long as there is money for alimony and child support

Five different times

To cover up 

And gloss over

And pretend 

With teeth whitening strips

That bleach your soul

But God has an x-ray 

At the pearly gates

I have a feeling you’ll be exposed

Insides rotting

Pasted together with gold 

And pieces of other people’s organs 

That you stole

What is done in infinite wisdom

With divine grace 

Is not for me to say

But you’ll see it in angel’s eyes 

When they aren’t deceived by your lies

In Time




Room to grow


I had it


Tiny shell

You stepped on it

Cracked it open 


Into the empty corners of space

That beg for attention

Stories to tell

Love to give

Laughter to hear

You are a road map to the stars 

Showing me places 

I didn’t know I wanted to visit

Now it makes sense

That was the loneliness

When my hand was being held

That was the not quite right

Smiling in a picture 

That was the “Is this it?”

In the morning

Now, lying next to you

I feel souls intertwine

In all of its cliche 

This feeling is so much more beautiful 

Than the images we have taken

Trying to describe its face

I’ll follow you through this wrinkle in time

We’ll make our way back to the beginning

Start where we were all there is

Build a life

We never imagined 

We could live


Isn’t it funny

How someone with so many words

Has so much trouble 

With spoken discourse

Pen to paper

Big Bang



The beginning 

No day for rest

On and on

As far as time 

Until someone asks a question

Lips forget to move

Tongues that whispered movements

That ink followed

Get lazy 

Waiting for it to be seen 

In eyes that want to tell you

Everything I’ve been thinking

And turning

And scribbling

And processing

Maybe it’s better this way

Your favorite genre 

Has always been mystery

Most Important Ingredient

Delicate dance

Forward and back



Painted Floor

Up the wall

Upside down

The ceiling is found

Beneath feet

It’s fun to imagine

Dangerous to dream

Where do we connect the past with the present

Bedtime stories followed into the night

Up the mountains

Snow packed with ice

Tortured and found

Hurt and healed

Broken and connected

The climax of the tale

The twist in the plot

A story must have conflict


Most important ingredient

Art imitates life

Life falls flat

Never living up to fabrications

Created on a cliff


Step back

A mural

We’ve been painting 

One square 

At a time

Maybe life is sublime


If you can hear me




Explosions in space 

Don’t make a sound

Just like my heart expanding




With all of the hope 

Written into songs 

That sprang up from love

That was sought after

Not always received

I’ve got that down

Being not 


Good enough

But you see me like I was meant to be seen

In a crystal reflection

An abstract painting

That accentuates my flaws 

Only to be praised 

By your eyes 

That tell me everything

I’ve ever wanted to hear

Without whispering syllables

That end up being expendable

Because words are cheap

But not when you etch them

Into the palm of my hand 

With a soft touch

That feels like a blanket 

Keeping me warm

When the sweater on my back 

Has worn thin

From overexposure

To the elements

Of human nature

In all of its brutality

But here

In your arms

It is eternally spring

Bringing color to my cheeks

And warmth to my eyes

That only hope to reflect this feeling 

Back to you

In half its glory

Knowing You

Every other thought

Skip a beat


Over and over

Good good good

Every piece of dark matter

Throw it aside

By my own rules

I abide

Not by the rules

Of what could have been

Or what should have been 

Or what has been

Sick of the words

And the sounds that they make

I’m more into feelings

And the smoothness

Of you 

And all of you

And wanting you

And seeing you


Not forced 


Not complicated 

In any way other than 


How to fit you in

To more pieces of me

Cutting more grooves

So there is room for you

To fill up the vacancy 

I never saw 

As anything

But empty

Counted it as empty

Felt it as empty

But there you stood

Wide eyes

And closed mouth








Of knowing you


 We’ve been hiding something

We’ve been looking the other way

We’ve pretending everything is okay

I’ve been telling you 

At night

When you sleep

So that maybe

It will sink in


Different cycles of being

That take infections 

We’ve let go too long

Pouring hydrogen peroxide

So that it all comes to the surface

And we can see it

For the dirt that it is

In all of its glorified sadness 

That turns writers into poets 

And pop stars 

Into opera singers

Singing songs in other languages 

That break the barrier

Of what language means

Because every note has a voice 

And every melody a feeling 

That twists are hands back behind us

As we cry

From a sense of relief 

That we are finally letting it out

Everything is not okay

And it feels so good to say that

Maybe This Time

I’ve come to warn you

To set off the alarm

To tell you it’s time to evacuate

All of those things that bring you to your knees

And push your face to the ground

Are headed this way

There is no knowing if you will make it out alive

You may be trampled again

Beneath a multitude of people who know better

Maybe this time

We can leave together

In a celebration

Of what we’ve become 

Of who we are

Of what has been learned

Sharing thoughts that explode off the tips of our tongues 

As if they were meant to be there 

When the earth first existed

Like a whisper in the cosmos

We just found them out 


In unison

Your eyes tell me you know it too

But nothing is guaranteed

So I’ll sound the alarm

Stay on high alert


I’ll wait for you around the corner

Hoping I won’t be let down

And the security can be loosened

The threat non-existent 

Too early to tell


Maybe people are forces 

That are meant to be experienced

But if we’re lucky

We come across a force that is equally powerful

And fit together in ways that don’t make sense

And we don’t have to fight it

Or create it

Or change it

We just stand in awe of it

As two melts into one

And the universe spins

For a moment

Around that new force

That is love

In its most enviable state 




It is what everyone is trying to find

But so few of us do

I’m not going to say these things out loud

They are meant to be muttered between reader’s lips 

As they sink into the moment

And feel its truth

Some things are too powerful to say out loud