Intrepid Intruder

I still see you

Intrepid intruder


Lips will stay 

Firmly pressed


Sudden moves

You fade into the static

Left on a television

We never turned on

Or intended to watch

We fell off the edge 

Of a sphere shaped world

Moments of hesitation


Hot and cold

Rapturously mixing


In the dark

I know

In another dimension

I’m resting in contoured arms


Climbing Mountains

I am choosing

To walk straight ahead

Neck above shoulders

Chin raised

Noticing nothing

Of the blemishes on my face

I have fought 

And lost

Another battle ahead

Your eyes are narrow

Like your heart

And your head

That filled your mouth

With all of those lies

You chewed up at night

Believed they were true

I believe in the mountains 

They don’t move

Or disappear when it rains

Noble character is hard to find

Maybe impossible

So we look to the sky

Believe our voice is heard

As we mourn for our inspiration

To live a life 

Full of hope

When all we have found 

Are fists full of sand

Aimed for the eyes

I cry from the pain

I cry from the letdown

I cry for the lost opportunity 

Of what could have been

What I saw 

In bits and pieces 

Of torn apart outings

That were perfect in hindsight

Not understanding 

Not seeing the tear that caused the gaping hole

This is what bruised my internal organs 

That bleed into the night

As I lay alone


From the glow of the solemn moon

To the shine of the gregarious sun

I will leave you there

At the bewitching hour

When ghosts have their time

And remind us of what is no longer there

In a Corner

I’m in a corner

All of the perfect ones have been chosen

I’ve been identified 

Without class

It was intriguing to you

Until you go too close

Saw a pixilated advertisement

Reminded you of your aim

Claim your reward

For being human

Born into a respectable home

Or maybe you were one of the slightly 



The ones we like to see win

Not the vagabonds

That must have chosen the wrong avenue

On life’s path

With no connection to community

Because they were always pushed out

No, they must have done something wrong

Been offensive in some way

No other explanation

It’s easier to pray

Than to sit

Face to face 

With a problem

I don’t want to do this anymore

Solve unfinished equations

Only to drop the chalkboard in the snow

I don’t want to make castles out of sand

Watch as the sea carries them away

I don’t want to pretend like I don’t hear

Voices that are screaming in my ear

I don’t want to pretend not to love 

Just because you left

I don’t want to be independently strong

Secretly cracking in the folds of my brain

Because we don’t whisper our struggles

We wouldn’t dare

Not when no one cares

Not truly

Not restlessly

Not proactively

Maybe in passing

When they wonder if their daughter is alive

But passing thoughts are bullshit

And you can choke on them when you die

It Was Only

Did you think 

I would

Drag you down

To a place

With just sand

No oasis in sight

Except for your face

Drew us in

Ran for the water

Tasting oxygen on our tongues

Then you dried up

Returned to the soil

Asphyxiated the illusion 

Told us to look away

I warned you what you’d find

Still you broke into our secret garden

As you left

It was only 



That needed repairs

Burning Love

Faces melting 

Gold around the edges

Fire extinguisher song

Sweep left to right 

From the bottom

Get it right

Dripping fire

Arson fire

Vengeful fire 

Inexcusable wrong

Sirens sounding

Still approaching

All consuming 

What is this that you’ve done

Charcoal fingers crumbling

Burning eyes

Beautiful eyes

Believable eyes

Shut out the sound

As skin clings to bone

Shock hits the senses

Inhale deeply

Carbon monoxide coating

Lining pure organs 

Sometimes we burn what we love 

When Did We Stop

When did we stop singing

Believing moved past what we knew

Paper was concrete

Facts were immovable

Now the world is a giant tide

Shifting truth back and forth

It’s so simple what we need

But it’s not in the rule book

It’s not written down

We feel it when we yearn to be next 

To a body that isn’t there

Making life complicated

Staring at watered down reality painted in neon lights

Amusement is not entertainment

I want to hear your voice

I want to know when we gave up

Because I’m going insane

Still trying to reach new galaxies

When my ship has no fuel


Life is louder than circumstance

I’m numb

Empty cocoon

Spring will tell my secrets

I’ve been trying to cover up

Bruises seeping through


Stand up

No time

No rest



The heart into a tender muscle

That can be devoured

As the world gobbles up

Every shred of innocence left

How can this continue

On knees

And knuckles

Protecting the inner core

Of everything as the walls crumble

No home

No sanctuary

“It will be okay”

Is a lie

I’ve been trying to swallow



Having the proof before me

But no one likes to see sadness

So I’ve been hiding 

Under a desk

Made out of metal

That says I’m fine

Getting through each day

One minute at a time

How can shoulders turn 

So cold 

So quickly

I have nothing to give

In a world built of plastic molds

I’m sorry

I’m wilting 

I’ve never given up


Every flower in a vase 

Has a short life to live



I don’t want to hear about the love of your life


Learning to surf

Traveling up and down the coast

I don’t want to know about all the things

You don’t intend to share 

Because I missed my chance

Breaking windshields in the parking lot

Trying to turn the car around the right way

Everyone was falling in love 

Then falling apart

I was trying to keep my blood from spilling out

It doesn’t matter 

They all gave up

It was more work than the movies

But here we are trying to caress shoulders 

We were born needing more 

Taught to have choice

Hold out for the best

But maybe your need for simplicity is an evolutionary step backwards

A little elbow grease once admired

Now a sign of inferiority

If I found a man who could lift me with both arms

Stay when the meteors start shooting down

Look me in the eyes

When he was unsure 

Choose our home as a place to stay 

I’d make the world rejuvenate 

This current state 

Isn’t what it was

Not intentionally

We’ve taken freedom 

Despised her as slavery

Created a new form of the word

That now calls repression a new name

Requirement to be something better 

By association

Whether it fits

Or is forced

A self-chosen arranged marriage 

Proctored by society

A constant search for something we can’t reach

Something that made us breathe in

But never exhale

What more could we want 

Than to spend time with someone 

Who sees the freckles in our eyes

Smiles at the hesitation of our goodbyes

Someone who makes us laugh

Someone who wants to see inside

Of our troubled mind

Discuss life and death

With sarcasm at hand 

The world will always be falling apart

I only need one lifeboat 

To help me figure it out

Aging Hope

Were we pulled from our infancy too soon

Told to set fire to anything showing us affection

To blow away the idea of contentment

To favor her darker sister: misery

In all of her liquid temptation 

That coats the back of our throats

As we dry heave pieces of our hope into the sink

Watch them scramble about 

Starting to move 

Take on their own state of existence

As they crawl into the next host 


More naive

Like we

Used to be
Now forcing us to sit down and watch

From a leather lazy boy

As our mistakes play on repeat / shuffle

Order doesn’t matter

The intention didn’t leave us where we lie

The follow through

From pressing that peddle down

Catapulted you through that glass 
We were fifty feet from discovering a new land

But the fracture from our previous injury

Leaves us paralyzed

From the neck down


Pour down feelings

Thick syrup that smothers out the taste

Of everything bland 

And uneventful

Because when this pressure 

Continues to push

There must be a release 

One way or another

As the whistle blows

The fire ignites

As chemicals self expose

The death they hold inside

Will demand to be satisfied

My lashes fall

As vision fades

This is enough