Eyes catching fire

The mountain blew

Watching as anger fumed

Feeling something inside 

Just let go

A collision

Someone else 

Behind the wheel

Accepting fate

Defeat lingering in ligaments

Pressure weighing down

Knowing what was to come

Even after escape

Recovery never settles

When the captor is in your back yard 

Returning to an awakening from dormancy 

Sky is overwhelmed 

Fire flying

Ash falling like flakes of snow

The mountain opening her mouth

The desperate state of isolation

Felt in her rebuke-fueled tone


Thrown out 

From her lungs

Stained with fear

Clearing her throat 

Her face was consumed

Hatred like that doesn’t subside

It devours

From the inside



Skipping over rocks

Leading to the sea

A castle on an island

A fortress for an experimental life

Away from society

Away from expectations 

Putting flowers on stairways

Watching the sun retreat 

From the frame of a small window

Curling into herself

Embracing the crispness of the cold

The dampness of porous rocks

The smell of the rain

That mists itself

Back into choppy waters

A beloved face should have returned

The day

Circled in red

He built this ominous sepulcher 

Not knowing what it would become

The ocean was thirsty for sacrifice

He swallowed its empty offer

Salty lungs don’t realize that water drags them down

Flailing after realization of what this compromise would mean

She felt the moment he slipped away

Air lifting from her own chest

As if it could reach 

A frozen body 

Looking for the light


She closed her eyes

Lying directly on the stone

A broken heart cares little for comfort

It doesn’t feel like home