I Am

I created angels from broken glass

Others only saw jagged edges

My vision was warped by their assumption

Monsters began to walk at night

Hiding in my own mummification

I numbed every cell that felt alive

Trying to cover up my shameful mistakes

Rotting flesh began to rise 

From the inside

It was my own

Until I stepped back 


At the absurdity of expectations

Great and small

Claiming to have none

All of them were disgusted by their own inconvenience

How weak they must be 

To expect peace 

When life is nothing but a glorious battle

To survive

Bending down

Sweeping up ashes

I accepted what was lost

No longer will I be told what is right

I carved this road

Into the mountainside

Every curve

Every bend

I won’t flinch 

Or bat an eye

When tires squeal

To hug its sides

You don’t want to see

What’s on the other side

I never offered a free ride

This is my land 

I will drench her when she catches fire

And watch as the roots begin to grow


I am 

And will remain


My Way

I’ve got giggles in both hands

Sometimes I make them cry

They pull open my eyes

I’m not doing it according to plan

People don’t like being surprised

Makes them think

Something must be wrong

Not following a dotted line

I don’t fake a smile

I tell you when I’m cold

I won’t be a model 


Turning from the inside

It’s rough terrain

Discovering wings and legs we’ve never seen

Someone may ask to hitch a ride

If they don’t

We’ll be just fine

I feel too much

So I’ve been told

My heart is cold

So I’ve been scolded

I’m much too free 

So I’ve been reminded

I’m too rigid 

So I’ve been convinced

It’s so interesting how open we are

To critique each other’s lives

We keep on turning 

Revolving into each other’s past

I’ve got my little people 

You’ve got your big plans

I’ll watch you fly overhead

Plotting your investments 

One wise move at a time

I’ll look people in the eye

Tell them why I’m not afraid to die

We all have our way 

This is just mine

Cement Man

There was a man

He lived on cement 

Walls coated with stainless steel

He crushed leaves beneath his feet

And hated the sand

If sidewalks could be covered 

He’d prefer it that way

One day he went for a drive

Off the pavement 

Dust filled the air

He looked straight ahead

Unfazed by the dirt

He has something to do

More important things filled his mind

He turned the wheel with ease

No music filled the void

One mile after the next


Through a clearing

The house could be seen

So innocent in its isolation

He parked and slowly but confidently stepped out

He looked down to breathe in

Courage can only be found from within

Breathe out

Time to go in

No knock needed

No intrusion if no one living is home

He saw her brown curls spread across fabric

A hand limply hanging 

A phone on the floor 


She had one last task to do 

Check in to see how the day was 

What things each other might be going through 

There was no call that day 

But that was the warning

The sounding of an alarm

A quiet one 

Only heard by one

She may not have had many loves

But she did get a man made of cement to visit her in nature



Hurt turns to evil

White turns to red

I’ve seen a metamorphosis 

Left me silent

In my fear

I have never seen someone 

Rip out their own heart

To have it heard 

In another’s pain filled ear

I could write books on what you’ve taught me

Your lying forked tongue

Your violent suppression 

Of hating the chromosomes

That went into forming me here

I’m simply filled with self-pity

That’s all this is about

You can claim your innocence

Save the receipt

But no one is let through those gates

Until all of the debts have been paid


It may be too late

Didn’t feel it when the rescue arrived

I’ve been in the cellar too long

Wanting to be excited 

The blue sky greeting my gaze 

When I saw it

I knew

It only promises to rain

This isn’t a game

No grab for attention

I want revenge 

Only with my words

The bride walks again

I remember thinking



Would be paradise

Now suffocated by the humidity

Lost emotions 

Never felt again

All of you 

Did this

Just like I did it to you

In the Year 3000

I’ve been thinking

About the future

Metal in place of skin

Seeking companionship

Looking through glass

Void of touch and human interaction

We don’t trust ourselves enough 

What will it be like 

When you are grown

What will the world we created 

Bring to your door

Via drone

Is this progress

Or are we devolving 

Wasn’t it our souls that gave us an edge

Now we sell them and break them and rip them out of strangers’ cores

Have we always been this way

Bending bridges 

Making passage less safe

I worry about who you will meet

I’ve looked evil in the eye

All I can do is make you strong

Show you love 

Tell you to mean something 

In your own eyes

Every day is further from what I know

I’ll do all I can 

To give you an edge

One day you’ll say it wasn’t enough

I promise my dear

This life is quite cruel

I did all that I could


Misogyny is dead 

So they tell us 

Twisting our hair

Rubbing our leg

Misogyny is a myth

So they say

Insisting chastity is overrated

Kissing our neck

Misogyny isn’t real

So they grunt

Forcing us out 

Blocking our calls

Misogyny is a joke

So they insist

Telling friends at the bar

The slut

Gave it up

On a first date

Seeing parts and pieces

Legs and navals

Pretending to listen

Insanity when we believe all their lies

Young girls 

Please don’t listen

Freedom is not found in giving up

Your own voice must lead you

Not for their respect

They don’t deserve that prize


So you can hold your head high 

You are that vision in your mind

Not what they try to fabricate

Disguising it as 


Giving yourself up is never a lesson 

You need to learn 

Good Vibrations

Waking up

To empty light

Hides loneliness 

Behind its deceptively 

Positive appearance

Like the faces on the street 

In their automobiles

Listening to shitty music

On their way to nowhere

Feeling important

Maybe they have it too


Or maybe we’re all blind 

Pretending to see

Into eyes

That splinter into different directions 


Wanting more than is possible 

Wanting more than a smile on a face

All we can give

All of us 

Have a love story

Written on our skin

Some of us pretend we don’t 

Some of us force it down

Swallowing pieces that didn’t fit 



And glory





From just being next to 

Another lonely 

Lost lover

Getting them to laugh

That jubilant state of completeness 

When cheeks rise to a standing ovation

The music of laughter fills our brains

What have we forgotten

What have we left behind

What have we never seen

I don’t want anything from you

If you don’t feel the vibrations inside