Love Song

I fell in love with a song today

Bought every word that stranger sang

Didn’t matter my hair was a mess

My crinkled smile was the best

No pressure to be what he wanted

No high or low expectations to meet

Just a hook with a hell of a beat

I couldn’t stop tapping my feet

Not putting on a show

My heart just couldn’t say “no”

Until the song stopped

I played it again

Memorized the vowels

The broken down sounds

The syllables split

So that bass could hit

This is my kind of love

Straight from above

Stuck in my head

Sweeter words have never been heard

I don’t want to know the man

He’d be a disappointment from limb to limb

I want him to live in this album

Through vibrations

Careful calibrations

Let me Dance the night away

Couldn’t keep my feelings at bay


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