I told you

If you jump

I jump too

You looked crooked

Willing eyes

Surprised me when you 



Pillow lips curled

I thought about teeth

Wanting to puncture 

Skin over muscle

Consume it

As I saw you 

In the air

Knees pulled in 

Momentum flipping back

An inverted spine

Feet over head

Perfect Pose

I’ll keep you

As long as this current flows

When you go too far


Too much

Is too much too

I believe your eyes when 

They say it’s time

To go into the room

Hair pulled back

An exposed neck 

Open to the things

I swore not to implore

Not wanting to be seen

Out of control 

Shaky knees 

Bending for you

This moment

That spins everything

Into another place

Where walls have fallen

The only thing 

Is light

Upon light 

Shades of shadows 

That brighten up the night

Little impossibilities 

That point an eye 

Where a mouth flexes into a smile

Most beautiful 

I fold too


Falling In

When it flows like water

Clear and smooth

It makes veins pulse

In anticipation 

An unforced attraction 

That wraps satin in silk

Carries air to the fingertips 

Floating over skin

Bringing color to the iris

Purple yellow and white

Keeping names on lips

Absorbing accolades into pores 

Cutting out fear and doubt

Floating from the laughter 

Found from within

Eyes wander 

Thoughts far too dense

Hands memorizing abrupt edges

Falling in always feels so good

Always followed by a crash

Good Vibrations

Waking up

To empty light

Hides loneliness 

Behind its deceptively 

Positive appearance

Like the faces on the street 

In their automobiles

Listening to shitty music

On their way to nowhere

Feeling important

Maybe they have it too


Or maybe we’re all blind 

Pretending to see

Into eyes

That splinter into different directions 


Wanting more than is possible 

Wanting more than a smile on a face

All we can give

All of us 

Have a love story

Written on our skin

Some of us pretend we don’t 

Some of us force it down

Swallowing pieces that didn’t fit 



And glory





From just being next to 

Another lonely 

Lost lover

Getting them to laugh

That jubilant state of completeness 

When cheeks rise to a standing ovation

The music of laughter fills our brains

What have we forgotten

What have we left behind

What have we never seen

I don’t want anything from you

If you don’t feel the vibrations inside

Summer Nights

I love summer nights

How they feel

A welcoming friend 

Come out and play

The moon winks at the sand

The world calms down

To a softer beat

Infusing life into dead cells


Traveling the galaxy

Looking up at the hole punched sky

My favorite place

Is a summer night 

Midst the trees

Against the shore 

Being held in your arms

Tonight I’ll sit and wait

Hope you open your door


There are creatures


Under our skin

Waiting for moments

Of weakness

That give them a way out

They look for cracks 

Where insecurities lie

Begin scratching at the edges

As the magma starts to rise

They whisper in our dreams 

At night

About all the ways 

We are too small

In a great big world

We start to believe

The volcanic ash

Is all our own fault

Maybe it is

See how it starts

Doubt and trepidation 

As the crowd begins to thin

The audience is slim

But the show is on every channel 

In our mind

As the grand finale 

Makes its mark

The rocks begin to fly

The death toll will rise

And the self reflection 

Will become escapism

Self loathing

And suicide

Sometimes the sky opens back up

Just in time

Let’s us see inside

Closes the mouth of hell

Shuns the people 

Who said we were just weak

A life lived alone

Is still a life

A tree that falls in the woods

Is still on the ground

Fingers spark at the possibility of connection 

As faces look for recognition

Of a giant farce in our way of life

We should not be so insensitive in our own discovery

That even wise men struggle to love themselves

If one person 

Could love 

Just one person

How many volcanoes would extinguish themselves


Then there’s a moment 

That shatters glass

Breaks the door open

Scares you like hell

Because it forces you to feel

Deeper than you thought you could

All of the joy from the expanses of the heavens

And all of the sadness from the depths of the seas


Into one great force  

That carries you to a new destination

That requires wisdom and love

That wouldn’t have been found without that journey

That sticks like a birth mark 

Carved into your bone

I built a tower when I landed

I stood up there when you left

Watched as your feet marked the sand

I didn’t need to capture it in a photo

It was an impression left on my heart