Life was perfect

You completed your mediocre education at a not quite Ivy League

Married your semi-sweet half-hearted sweetheart

Had two perfectly spaced children

One adrenaline rich boy and one meek and mild girl

Lived a perfect Instagram framed life

In a perfect white washed house

You felt like something was missing

This is what you missed

The brokenness that inspires everything human

Heavenly or not

Nothing comes out of a “perfect” plan

Perfectly followed

Out of obligation

To a preordained way of life

That’s why they want to smother us out

The enlightened

The beaten

The comeback kids

The trailblazers exploring new ways

Making the earth change shapes

As we disturb the flow of time and space

Knowing the person we are proud to be

Came from being pushed around by all the people who did it “right”

Don’t plan on disaster

But realize tsunamis give little warning

Don’t build on broken pieces

But be aware that bridges built don’t last forever

Don’t refuse to ever feel again

Because the love you’ll find after being broken

Is mightier than all of the hurt you’ve ever known

If you let it be



What do you think about

In between




Endless solar systems


Into supernova

Black holes

Consuming themselves

Until time becomes


Slow moving

Your mind burns my eyes

Trying to follow you in a line

That begins where it starts and curves where it bends

Whispering condescension

Over my spine

Eyes looking up


You’re mine

Even if I never catch that

White rabbit

I’ll never forget where he took me

While I tried and I tried


Who is using whom anymore

It’s hard to tell

Letting legs rest together

To remember 

When Love was a feeling

When it seemed real

Not made up

Or fantasized


In our busy busy lives

Being old was an honor

Having loved one person 

A mother and father

Now we split ourselves into categories

Hold civility in obligatory meetings 

Pretend like it’s courting 

Comparing and judging 

Waiting to see who is next in line

I like it when you catch me off guard 

When you impress my mind

When you remind me of an excitement 

I thought I could find

When I was young

Still naive

I like the way you look at me

Maybe that’s enough 

To put in my locket

To pretend 

I don’t know what Love is anymore

But I’m fond of my fingers being laced in your hair


Watercolor clouds

Filtered by the sun

To show true colors

Of how it should be

With hope 


Most of all 


To face a new day

With confidence and vigor

Strength is the trigger

That catapults possibility into

An attainable place 

Under each eye

Just out of sight

But felt

Profile of your own nose

Knowing it is there

Knowing it is possible

Knowing love will ring true

When hearts open up

Stop trying to find more

Risk is a reward 

That gives unattainable power

To anyone brave enough to try

Take a chance on me


I told you

If you jump

I jump too

You looked crooked

Willing eyes

Surprised me when you 



Pillow lips curled

I thought about teeth

Wanting to puncture 

Skin over muscle

Consume it

As I saw you 

In the air

Knees pulled in 

Momentum flipping back

An inverted spine

Feet over head

Perfect Pose

I’ll keep you

As long as this current flows

When you go too far


Too much

Is too much too

I believe your eyes when 

They say it’s time

To go into the room

Hair pulled back

An exposed neck 

Open to the things

I swore not to implore

Not wanting to be seen

Out of control 

Shaky knees 

Bending for you

This moment

That spins everything

Into another place

Where walls have fallen

The only thing 

Is light

Upon light 

Shades of shadows 

That brighten up the night

Little impossibilities 

That point an eye 

Where a mouth flexes into a smile

Most beautiful 

I fold too

Falling In

When it flows like water

Clear and smooth

It makes veins pulse

In anticipation 

An unforced attraction 

That wraps satin in silk

Carries air to the fingertips 

Floating over skin

Bringing color to the iris

Purple yellow and white

Keeping names on lips

Absorbing accolades into pores 

Cutting out fear and doubt

Floating from the laughter 

Found from within

Eyes wander 

Thoughts far too dense

Hands memorizing abrupt edges

Falling in always feels so good

Always followed by a crash

Good Vibrations

Waking up

To empty light

Hides loneliness 

Behind its deceptively 

Positive appearance

Like the faces on the street 

In their automobiles

Listening to shitty music

On their way to nowhere

Feeling important

Maybe they have it too


Or maybe we’re all blind 

Pretending to see

Into eyes

That splinter into different directions 


Wanting more than is possible 

Wanting more than a smile on a face

All we can give

All of us 

Have a love story

Written on our skin

Some of us pretend we don’t 

Some of us force it down

Swallowing pieces that didn’t fit 



And glory





From just being next to 

Another lonely 

Lost lover

Getting them to laugh

That jubilant state of completeness 

When cheeks rise to a standing ovation

The music of laughter fills our brains

What have we forgotten

What have we left behind

What have we never seen

I don’t want anything from you

If you don’t feel the vibrations inside