I never understood the world

Until I saw it through your eyes

Golden edges

Brittle beginnings

Horizons for every lost soul

Smile that could brighten the moon

Shear light from our brightest star

Amazed by your presence 

I simply sat to reflect on all of the things

You showed me

And what magic you must have left



You stand in your confidence

What kingdoms you must have seen 

Rise and fall

Rebuild and dissipate 

I admire your stature

The way you don’t sway

The way you simply are 

Never intimidated or pressured 

You even fall with grace

Leaving a reminder of what you were 

No mistaking pure majesty

A shrine to your creator 

Without whispering His name

No opinion on other’s thoughts

Truth runs through you

Oxygen to deep roots

Feel your skin

Rough and untamed

Enjoy peace that is given 

Without a name 

You won’t change 

But someday 

We will destroy you

For no reason

Other than the ability

That was given

With an assumption of honor

We never earned 

And have yet to obtain