Bubble gum

Pop pop

Long hair

Don’t care

Making people

Out of putty

No time

To get muddy

Move on

Skate on

Cartwheel in the living room

Spun spun sugar

Sneakers in a knot

You’ve got something honey

We can make it without money

No need to say

You’re sorry

I heard you in the living room

Singing without worry

I know love Is true

When you bring me honeydew

Watermelon seeds

In a pile

Make up for

That extra mile

If I had a best friend

I’d pick you

Love is a girl

And she’s mine

Even in the summertime


Sunday Morning

Beginning in the morning after coffee

Brown sugar dissolving into oatmeal

Apples cut for crunch

Impatience on the counter

Keeping hands away from hot metal

Snapping bacon

Steam from the mug

Calmed by the milk

Chocolate flavoring to reward for a week well fought

Eagerness in the excitement of a feast

Made once a week

In honor of who we are

What we’ve accomplished

Cuddle in the softness until the table is set

Small in a big way

It never tasted so good

Until you were here

No need for sprinkles

Only a dash of cinnamon

Vanilla to taste

Eggs are for strength

You’ll push aside half of it

Today I’ll let that slide

If you remember anything

Remember what Sunday morning tasted like

The texture of my Love


One day I woke up

Saw what I had

Realized it was broken

Got out a hammer and nails

Accepted the paint on my sleeves

Sweat on my brow

Dirt between uneven fingers

I smiled when it hurt

I forgave myself

Still unsure if it was deserved

Not being perfect

I listened to demands coming from little mouths

Decided what was reasonable and what was code for something more

I created determination

From a speck of courage

That had fallen into a spot of pride

I skipped a few steps

But this family is mine

Christmas Vice





Following the edict

To be filled with nothing but


Some rules have good intentions

Still lacking practicality

It’s not all lost

Twinkling in the dark night

I’ve laughed and loved

Still time for cocoa and rum

So many ties

Cut at the seams

Throwing loose cloth

Into the sea

I remember love

Lost and found

Nothing sticks like blood

Until it’s diluted by a 12 pack

Harmless lack of prohibition

I’ve got my own family now

It won’t be me who walks away

One thing not out of my control

One thing worth working for




I’ll light up the runway

Every single year

Forgiveness is my vice

Forgetting to not care

Any warm heart is welcome

But you can keep your vindictive gifts

Wrapped with deceptive sheets of self sacrifice

I don’t accept collect calls

But I hear footsteps approaching my door


The surface doesn’t interest me

I want subcutaneous layers

Life has been painful

I don’t want to give that to you

Sometimes difficult

Getting upset over crumbs

Under the carpet

Because Love was never there

There’s no reason or logic to a broken heart

But you fill up the cracks

I need to bow down

To the power of your laugh

The wisdom in your ability to be impressed

They make me feel like you are a burden

But you are quite the opposite

One of those menacing lies

One of those self fulfilling prophecies

I just want to hold your light in both hands

Not be distracted by the fake fun being had

While half conscious

Losing heart and soul to a meaningless night

Believing it could have promise

Not sure if it is fate or naivety

You’re always bigger than what they seem

With their selfish aspirations

Self serving lives

Single is single

Solitary alone

Not duplicated

Not off for a period of time

Full time

One on one

I get you

Please, Lord

Help me appreciate each day

It’s hard to build a family out of clay

But you came in flesh and blood

Now to fix what I broke

When healing from my own wreckage

I loved you all the time

I swear it

I promise from the emptiness you filled up

At the bottom of my trembling heart

You will be with me

While I’m here

And when I’m gone

In the unseen fibers

That bind us together

That have yet to be discovered

That will make us feel at home

Long after walls have fallen down

Want You to Be

Tiny bones I built myself covered with skin I painted

Sometimes you’re a clone

Later I have to trace the path on a map

To remember how I found you

The most important bond

Hard to describe

Hard to represent without softened edges

I like my pictures raw

That’s why I draw you with cuts on your knees

It’s how you’ll learn to survive

In a world that’s not fair

But claims to be

I could list all of my wants

But they really don’t matter

I want you to be

I want you to be

You’ll be who you are

I grew you from scratch

That doesn’t mean I got to choose your flavor

I’ll believe in you

In what you pursue

All I can do

Is point in directions until your shoulders no longer move

I’m not a saint

Never claimed to be

I’ve already messed up

Continental proportions

You’re built to bounce back

I know you will

I know you do

Cuddle you while I can

Let you feel love with warm winter blankets

You’re the best of me

Inside out

Carved into your own form

That’s all I ever wanted you to be

Lest We Forget

Not all dark

Love is in both arms

In between the here to there

That causes sanity to be set loose

Forgetting what it was like to not have

Stowaways in my bed

Adventures under the coffee table

A reason to run past trees

And capture flags

It’s not all seat belts and Cheerios under the cushions

Doctor’s visits 

Crowded school drop-offs

It’s the acquisition of knew knowledge 

Actions based on the heart

Stick figures becoming works of art

Being reminded of what it is to be human

To be

To just be

Might I suggest

If one can no longer be a child

Stop from not being able

And just be

Barefoot in the grass

Daydreaming on Saturday morning

Kisses on both cheeks

I love the way you smile

With no intentions of tallying up debts

Or holding ransoms

Just sharing what you don’t need

Giving because it causes a smile

You are who we should be

Lest we forget

Ponytail Girl

Funner than summer

You’ve got those high kicks

Laugh smile babe

Brown eyes

Brown eyes

You’ve got bravado to spare

Cartwheel somersault kiddo 



You’ve got a funny bone in both arms

Head tilt smirk girl

Freckle speckled nose

Freckle speckled nose

My favorite companion

My unprecedented champion

I’ll fight the dragons with you

Let me know when they’re here 

Pillow fights in a tree house

 I’ll build a satellite for you

Send it up

Watch it spin around

Send back pictures of things waiting to be found

Brown eyes


Freckle speckled nose

You’re my favorite 


To the moon and back

What adventures will unfurl


I love the way you smile

Under cover

Needing acknowledgment for your effort

To get me to look inside

Big brown eyes

That see the world 

The way we always should

With a sense of hope 

In an adventure

You haven’t quite got planned

But know it’s there waiting for you

Possibility is never ending

I love you all around

Tiny toes 

To button nose

Fingers searching for hands to hold

Snuggles are our ritual

The kind I forgot

When emotions became frivolous 

And affection overrated

In the deadliest of ways

Life has a way of resurfacing

Remember the way I tried 

To always make life full

Of discovery and sunshine

To fill that curiosity 

I hope never goes away

I want to see you walk away

Looking at the sky

Building bridges and carving tunnels

Always reaching way up high

I’ve loved you since you were nothing more 

Than a tiny little flutter

Don’t wait for me

Keep on going 

I’ll watch you from the sea

As you soar in the sky

I’ll always love you 

Near or far 

I’ll always be your mother

In the Year 3000

I’ve been thinking

About the future

Metal in place of skin

Seeking companionship

Looking through glass

Void of touch and human interaction

We don’t trust ourselves enough 

What will it be like 

When you are grown

What will the world we created 

Bring to your door

Via drone

Is this progress

Or are we devolving 

Wasn’t it our souls that gave us an edge

Now we sell them and break them and rip them out of strangers’ cores

Have we always been this way

Bending bridges 

Making passage less safe

I worry about who you will meet

I’ve looked evil in the eye

All I can do is make you strong

Show you love 

Tell you to mean something 

In your own eyes

Every day is further from what I know

I’ll do all I can 

To give you an edge

One day you’ll say it wasn’t enough

I promise my dear

This life is quite cruel

I did all that I could