I told you

If you jump

I jump too

You looked crooked

Willing eyes

Surprised me when you 



Pillow lips curled

I thought about teeth

Wanting to puncture 

Skin over muscle

Consume it

As I saw you 

In the air

Knees pulled in 

Momentum flipping back

An inverted spine

Feet over head

Perfect Pose

I’ll keep you

As long as this current flows

When you go too far


Too much

Is too much too

I believe your eyes when 

They say it’s time

To go into the room

Hair pulled back

An exposed neck 

Open to the things

I swore not to implore

Not wanting to be seen

Out of control 

Shaky knees 

Bending for you

This moment

That spins everything

Into another place

Where walls have fallen

The only thing 

Is light

Upon light 

Shades of shadows 

That brighten up the night

Little impossibilities 

That point an eye 

Where a mouth flexes into a smile

Most beautiful 

I fold too



Taught that success is people knowing your name

Tallying up followers like it’s your claim to fame

Such a pretty pretty girl

Pink ribbons blonde curls

Such a beautiful young lady

Cherry lipstick glitter painted eyelids

Super Hot chick 

Short skirt spaghetti strap arms

Sexy mamma 

Form fitting charm

Thoughts and feelings

Frustration and compliance

Feeding sex-hungry eyes

Hating the mascara disguise

More than the pastel

Less than the goddess’ thrown 

You temporarily call home

When bloated lips look desperate

Wrinkles look out of place

What will you hold onto 

With those strategically shaped nails 

Claws won’t hide scared little girls

Who were only as good

As their portrait painted curves

Don’t mistake sex with power

When love is lost

Bodies become commodities

Traded among thieves

Every new product corners the market

Fads age like disease

I want to hear what you learned 

Aging on concrete

Your worth isn’t what daddy didn’t tell you

Your beauty isn’t what people like to see

You have to tear it down

To see through the facade

Here’s a wrecking ball

We can start destruction 

Once you say your real name



The constant pressure between forced molars

The one more time before gasping for air

The movement of gears when the oil has run dry

Something forced under human tissue

To be forgotten


Sink holes form

Consuming normalcy

And routine

And standards of living

Forging paths in the hills 

Taking life to temporary dwellings

Hoping smoke is blown the other way

When the world shut its doors 

I got out a crowbar

Never waiting to see who wanted to let me back inside


Skipping over rocks

Leading to the sea

A castle on an island

A fortress for an experimental life

Away from society

Away from expectations 

Putting flowers on stairways

Watching the sun retreat 

From the frame of a small window

Curling into herself

Embracing the crispness of the cold

The dampness of porous rocks

The smell of the rain

That mists itself

Back into choppy waters

A beloved face should have returned

The day

Circled in red

He built this ominous sepulcher 

Not knowing what it would become

The ocean was thirsty for sacrifice

He swallowed its empty offer

Salty lungs don’t realize that water drags them down

Flailing after realization of what this compromise would mean

She felt the moment he slipped away

Air lifting from her own chest

As if it could reach 

A frozen body 

Looking for the light


She closed her eyes

Lying directly on the stone

A broken heart cares little for comfort

It doesn’t feel like home

Falling In

When it flows like water

Clear and smooth

It makes veins pulse

In anticipation 

An unforced attraction 

That wraps satin in silk

Carries air to the fingertips 

Floating over skin

Bringing color to the iris

Purple yellow and white

Keeping names on lips

Absorbing accolades into pores 

Cutting out fear and doubt

Floating from the laughter 

Found from within

Eyes wander 

Thoughts far too dense

Hands memorizing abrupt edges

Falling in always feels so good

Always followed by a crash

Say So

If you want me

Then say so

Don’t throw rocks at the sun

Kicking sand into the water

I held your hand

You crumpled your fingers

Growing takes time

And only happens during certain seasons

When you looked at me

It was summer

Then backs turned 

An ice age spread



Into the now frozen crust of the earth 

Scraping along the edges

I found fossilized memories

That tore open passages

I thought had been destroyed

But I left them


I’ve been down them before

When ivy grew along the walls

Life was felt 

Warmth was certain

I don’t need to go back

Ponytail Girl

Funner than summer

You’ve got those high kicks

Laugh smile babe

Brown eyes

Brown eyes

You’ve got bravado to spare

Cartwheel somersault kiddo 



You’ve got a funny bone in both arms

Head tilt smirk girl

Freckle speckled nose

Freckle speckled nose

My favorite companion

My unprecedented champion

I’ll fight the dragons with you

Let me know when they’re here 

Pillow fights in a tree house

 I’ll build a satellite for you

Send it up

Watch it spin around

Send back pictures of things waiting to be found

Brown eyes


Freckle speckled nose

You’re my favorite 


To the moon and back

What adventures will unfurl

Through the Blinds

What happens when light seeps in 

Through the blinds

Between the cracks

Across skin


Seen from within

Opened up 

Intentions folded

Good and bad

Vulnerable skeleton

Hairline fractures 

Splintering seams 

Trying to bend

To make room 

For chance

And hope

Forgetting momentum is needed to move

With any progress

Sedentary ways create 

Complacent hearts

That forget to seek out contact

For the sake of acceptance 

A longing to be inside someone’s 

Weathered heart

Protected from the harsh conditions of 

Every day life

What happens when light seeps in?

We see the bonds we created at night

Good or bad 

It’s all still there