This will be the end 

Of all that was

You can bathe in your delusional righteousness 

Hold on to your superstitious version of religion that you use like a voodoo doll

Cower in the corner like a victim

But I will not be made a monster by you

Not when you beat me into this mutated shape

You are a wrecked shell of a person

Who only finds satisfaction in misidentifying abusers

Go tell it on the mountain, dearest

I hope everyone hears your cries

Because it is only in your lunacy 

The world can see the darkness in your eyes

Raised by an alligator and a piranha

Did we really stand a chance? 

Your facade of martyrdom will only hold so far

I’m done helping you glue those pieces together

If I drown trying to battle these waves in order to get away from you

It will be a worthwhile death


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