The Art of Debate

How can these beautiful examples ofcartography 

Come out so jumbled once they exit my lips

It waltzed with logic

I mastered the art of logos

I had a strategic attack towards every point you would inevitably shoot my way as shards of glass

But my mouth opened

Insecurity fumbled its way out 

Over an immovable tongue that was numb

From the ice of not believing I could be as good

Let alone

Better than you

Not the point

It is simply fact

It is rhetoric

It is discourse

It is information we crave 

Or is it?

Is it simply wanting to communicate effectively

Is it simply finding truth

Or is it self-worth

Importance of being

A proud mind

Backed by a passionate heart

That makes us feel worthy of the air we force into our lungs

Let us take this in deeper

Pause to consider

Kiss the tulips with ponderous lips 

As we fall back on a blanket of uncertainty

Opening a book

Filling our minds 

With thoughts of others

Until we finally scramble up the courage

To face the battle of words again

For one day we will be able to fight beyond pen and paper

One day our tongue will be as sharp as the pen that is running out of ink from writing too many brilliant thoughts with a little too much pressure

But until we learn to scrape off surface insults 

Make room for substantial facts 

That could win any debate 

Confidence that would bring Tigers to their knees

We will continue to just be people who watch and critique

Bursting with opinions worthwhile


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