Cement Man

There was a man

He lived on cement 

Walls coated with stainless steel

He crushed leaves beneath his feet

And hated the sand

If sidewalks could be covered 

He’d prefer it that way

One day he went for a drive

Off the pavement 

Dust filled the air

He looked straight ahead

Unfazed by the dirt

He has something to do

More important things filled his mind

He turned the wheel with ease

No music filled the void

One mile after the next


Through a clearing

The house could be seen

So innocent in its isolation

He parked and slowly but confidently stepped out

He looked down to breathe in

Courage can only be found from within

Breathe out

Time to go in

No knock needed

No intrusion if no one living is home

He saw her brown curls spread across fabric

A hand limply hanging 

A phone on the floor 


She had one last task to do 

Check in to see how the day was 

What things each other might be going through 

There was no call that day 

But that was the warning

The sounding of an alarm

A quiet one 

Only heard by one

She may not have had many loves

But she did get a man made of cement to visit her in nature


The Accident

It’s the perfect time for an accident

Metal against an open mouth

Peaceful rest 

Inside twisted metal

Curl up next to my disengaged 

Emergency brake

Let your body relax 

Take in the moment

Of forced release

An escape

From the reality 

Of frantically moving

From one destination to the next

I’ll be here to pry you out

Jaws of life

Escaping death

Bruised air bags 

Violent return

I’ll take care of you

Walk with you

Until the repairs are complete

Scar Tissue

I see eyes roll

And people pull away

I hear voices chatter 

Every single day

I hear nothing 

From you 

When all I want 

Is to see 

Your name

Across my screen

Every stranger that lets 

It be known

My family is too much

It can’t be helped

It’s internal

This aversion 

To being with me

You’ve stuck pins

Into my drywall

Holes don’t heal

They just harden

One layer of scar tissue

 At a time

When life feels 

Like such a crime 


Bottom of the OceanĀ 

I swam at the bottom of the ocean

When home felt submerged 

I contemplated my existence 

No conclusion 

Short term

I felt uncomfortable with my own 


How low we can go

I let my body drift 

Through murky water 

Lightly filtered music 

All that kept me sane 

Sitting on couches 

Felt like a tomb

Walking in rooms 

With no exit 

I can’t explain that weight

Placed under the skin

Sometimes it’s hard to breathe 

Sometimes a marathon is ran

Thoughts paralyze

And I sit

And I sit

And I sit

Hearing all of the voices 

In my head

Feeling all of the pressure 

Stay in bed

Could break me

It’s hard to tell

All I know

All I see

Are mistakes 


In a lifetime

I don’t recognize

Now I’m a prisoner

In my own paradigm 

I keep seeing images

I haven’t yet lived

Then wondering why 

That damn bridge 

Keeps breathing my name

The only receiver

You can’t save me


I can’t do it alone


We all thought we’d save each other one day

Not realizing who was causing all of this pain 

What a thing it is 

To see a person 

Stand by another person

Even when they’ve fallen down

Instead of


Saving up fortunes

Not letting white picket fences be torn down by our neighbor’s bad luck

Because that would be tough

And we all should have boundaries

Protecting our American dreams

One “Z” at a time

When it comes down to it

We are looking for our own reflection 

To follow down the aisle

But what happens when we don’t recognize

The sound of our own voice 


The look of our own eyes

When life has stolen who we thought we were 

Who are we?

The imageless?

The lost?

The misplaced?

The unwanted?

There is no persona to attract

No love to be found

What they don’t understand 

Is we could be pulled up with a little faith

A little courage from you

To walk beside

I looked into your eyes as you pulled me up

I watched as the light faded

I realized 

I was simply being tossed aside

I can’t help but hope

It is what humans do

But my mind knows

I should have never loved you

Displaced Dirt

I’m trying to find pieces

To connect between here and there

But they keep exploding in my hand

Mutilation unparalleled 

Remaining unseen

Trying to compare 

Physical handicaps 


Emotional catastrophes

A state of emergency

When you finally stop to care

Just long enough 

To feel badly

Then brushing it away

No need getting to know someone 

Who is simply going to fade away

No need fighting for the unseen

When their skin doesn’t inspire rallies of rage

No need loving someone 

When they won’t elevate your standing in this social parade

I am a placeholder

A secret

An unpleasant passing thought

Fighting to matter

To someone

Only causing more dirt 

To be displaced 

A desert full of half dug graves

One day I’ll find a home

And lie this body to rest


Cookie crumble

Cookie crumble

Fill the pieces

Glue the lines








Sanity away


Past the point

Of breaking

They don’t want to see



Worried eyes

Looking pathetic

Looking lost

Fill in doubt

With fictitious peace

So what if you don’t sleep

When they don’t have to see 

The worried look

Carved into 

Worried brows

Fall asleep

Extra strength

Double dose

Close those overthinking eyes

Nothing happens for a reason

There is no blessing in disguise

Sometimes you aren’t meant to finish

Just to get a prize

Not everyone is meant to be 

An elephant inside


You have a slight lisp 

And your front teeth tilt inward

You change your temperament with the flow of the wind 

You love seeing me

But hate when I won’t go 

Your mind is tightly wound

And its anxiousness bleeds through the cuticles of your thumbs

When you feel 

It hurts

So you built up a dam

Well I’m the little Dutch boy

And I’m stopping the flow

Of energy 

From one reservoir of thought 

To the next

I will go


Into the 


But I will not avert myself 

From thoughts of you

You Old Demon

Everyone knew from the start

Looking at me

Looking at me

Looking down at me from the start

They didn’t bother to swim out


“The victors are never

Tried for war crimes”

So says


So you traveled the globe

Looked up skirts

Tipped your hat as you walked out the door

Now here we stand

Me on the other side

You breaking down the door

What is it 

You old demon

What is it you came looking for?

Weary Heart




To the


Fall down

Buildings stay up

All around 







Collide with imaginary lines

In imaginary lanes

Filled with demands 

And quotas

And rules

And regulations

An appearance 

Of watching out


Your own well being

Reality is more dull


Around the edges

Of just enough

To lead to


Of the heart

Of the 

Oh so