I want you to tell me everything

Without tripping over consonants

I want you to ask 

Without moving your lips

I want you to pull me in

Without waiting for quips

I want you to need me 

Without tying rope around wrists

I want you to make me comfortable

Without enveloping sheepskin

I want you to talk to me

Without emptying silence

I want you to see me

Without a reflection from broken glass 

I want you to kiss me

Without covering my eyes 

I want you to love me

Without moving my skin

I want you to revere me 

Without pointing fingers to the ground

I want you to want me

Without wanting more

I want you to

I want you to

I want you to

Echoes in the hardwood floor

There was a girl who made demands once

Now she’s pressed behind a door




I don’t want to hear about the love of your life


Learning to surf

Traveling up and down the coast

I don’t want to know about all the things

You don’t intend to share 

Because I missed my chance

Breaking windshields in the parking lot

Trying to turn the car around the right way

Everyone was falling in love 

Then falling apart

I was trying to keep my blood from spilling out

It doesn’t matter 

They all gave up

It was more work than the movies

But here we are trying to caress shoulders 

We were born needing more 

Taught to have choice

Hold out for the best

But maybe your need for simplicity is an evolutionary step backwards

A little elbow grease once admired

Now a sign of inferiority

If I found a man who could lift me with both arms

Stay when the meteors start shooting down

Look me in the eyes

When he was unsure 

Choose our home as a place to stay 

I’d make the world rejuvenate 

This current state 

Isn’t what it was

Not intentionally

We’ve taken freedom 

Despised her as slavery

Created a new form of the word

That now calls repression a new name

Requirement to be something better 

By association

Whether it fits

Or is forced

A self-chosen arranged marriage 

Proctored by society

A constant search for something we can’t reach

Something that made us breathe in

But never exhale

What more could we want 

Than to spend time with someone 

Who sees the freckles in our eyes

Smiles at the hesitation of our goodbyes

Someone who makes us laugh

Someone who wants to see inside

Of our troubled mind

Discuss life and death

With sarcasm at hand 

The world will always be falling apart

I only need one lifeboat 

To help me figure it out