Upside Down

I’ve been spelling words

Upside down

It’s easier to write about meaningless things 

It’s easier to write about love lost and gained

It’s the gravel stuck under the skin

That takes time to bring back to the surface

The insecurities

The times locked in the closet 

The let downs

By sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers

Those are the unspeakable things

The things that keep us from loving strangers

I was brought up in the dark

Hiding inside oversized tires

I was an isolated dreamer

Gradients of green

In a world traveling under a shadow

I saw life leave their eyes 

I felt the numbness in my chest

Many people felt it was okay 

To wrap their fingers around my neck

Then in wonder they watched 

As I was romanced 

By the devil

“How could this be?”

I’m exactly who you wanted 

When you wrote novels in your sleep

Night terrors surviving

Never better than who you are 

Stop pretending

I simply abide by the parameters set

And I never run indoors