Truth only comes out one way

Until it’s splintered into spectrums

The only thing not absolute

Is what happened and why

Covering up interpretations of

“I never loved you”

Only a believer makes this statement

Come alive

The actions

Don’t speak

But they hold more


Than your eyes

Than your mouth

Your vengeance spewing mouth

In all of its holy disgust

That held me in its grasp

I’ve loved many times

Bullets still inside

More damage if removed

My truth

Is your catastrophe

I’ve heard it my whole life

Pretty girl

Folded limbs

She likes to come off cold

Make her angry

Then you’ll see

She may have just gone mad

Truth is you are talking to me

And I hear every word

Truthful or not



Skipping over rocks

Leading to the sea

A castle on an island

A fortress for an experimental life

Away from society

Away from expectations 

Putting flowers on stairways

Watching the sun retreat 

From the frame of a small window

Curling into herself

Embracing the crispness of the cold

The dampness of porous rocks

The smell of the rain

That mists itself

Back into choppy waters

A beloved face should have returned

The day

Circled in red

He built this ominous sepulcher 

Not knowing what it would become

The ocean was thirsty for sacrifice

He swallowed its empty offer

Salty lungs don’t realize that water drags them down

Flailing after realization of what this compromise would mean

She felt the moment he slipped away

Air lifting from her own chest

As if it could reach 

A frozen body 

Looking for the light


She closed her eyes

Lying directly on the stone

A broken heart cares little for comfort

It doesn’t feel like home

Falling In

When it flows like water

Clear and smooth

It makes veins pulse

In anticipation 

An unforced attraction 

That wraps satin in silk

Carries air to the fingertips 

Floating over skin

Bringing color to the iris

Purple yellow and white

Keeping names on lips

Absorbing accolades into pores 

Cutting out fear and doubt

Floating from the laughter 

Found from within

Eyes wander 

Thoughts far too dense

Hands memorizing abrupt edges

Falling in always feels so good

Always followed by a crash

All About





Be angry

Let go

Love is always buried underneath

Between the harsh words

And angry looks

The sun gives us


Each morning

To try again

To get it right

To hold on tight

To shoulders that carry

Too much weight

Pulling at joints 

Ripping at cartilage  

Surgery can only masque 

The damage

But I can hold you

In my dislocated arms

Squeeze you 

Until you feel important 

Worthy to be loved

This wasn’t your fault

It wasn’t mine

Sometimes life is all about

What you can’t hide

What you can be 

Despite these 

Heinous crimes




Your colors 


Pick up with that heat

Leave the skin

Marked by your presence

Tell us how to stay discreet 

Punish the unprepared 

Embrace those that 


Being loved

Giving it up 

One drop at a time

Until they’ve been let down





And it no longer has a name


Do you see us

Scattering across

Cracked dirt

We wait for you every morning

Your indifference

Draws us in