Misogyny is dead 

So they tell us 

Twisting our hair

Rubbing our leg

Misogyny is a myth

So they say

Insisting chastity is overrated

Kissing our neck

Misogyny isn’t real

So they grunt

Forcing us out 

Blocking our calls

Misogyny is a joke

So they insist

Telling friends at the bar

The slut

Gave it up

On a first date

Seeing parts and pieces

Legs and navals

Pretending to listen

Insanity when we believe all their lies

Young girls 

Please don’t listen

Freedom is not found in giving up

Your own voice must lead you

Not for their respect

They don’t deserve that prize


So you can hold your head high 

You are that vision in your mind

Not what they try to fabricate

Disguising it as 


Giving yourself up is never a lesson 

You need to learn