Gradients of Blue


Is always shared


Is hidden under a pillow

Afraid tomorrow

Won’t be there

Never stopped feeling the loss

Of every overturned car

That could be my ticket

Out of that dusty town

Turned out 

I was my own free ride

Doesn’t stop the loneliness inside

Effects can be seen

In shaky hands 

And doubting eyes

When wisdom brings nothing

But the knowledge of what’s wrong 

Inner workings of a non-stop mind

Always working overtime

Paid at half the wage

Producing nothing

More dangerous than ignorance 

For it is bliss

To not realize you have a deficiency

A lack of skill

In coping 

Pain is a scar that blocks the path 

To self-confidence

Insecurities from being on the outside

Of families

I saw myself in

Hiding behind curtains

Revealing only a longing

Fueled from the inside

Observe and imagine

Glass to separate the connection

Dusting with velvet gloves

Creating worlds that held me 

Where I needed to be 

Hair rising as goosebumps form

Looking into eyes that welcome me in 

I’m in the color of you now

Please don’t fade