“I didn’t know how to do it”

That’s what I’ll say

When you ask how you turned out that way

I walked on my hands

I carried you through high tide

In the end

It wasn’t enough to make up for everything

I didn’t have to give

I tried

Over and over

And over And

Over again

I honestly didn’t know what all I did wrong

I could mention excuses

But I know people block those out

As the bottom line is all

We use to define

Who we are

Our success

And our great great fall

In this moment I feel weak

I feel broken

Entirely incomplete

But please

In the bottom of your still growing heart

Know every thought found it’s way to you

Knowing how much more I should be

In each shaky step I couldn’t complete

I loved you

I wanted you

In theory

I meant to be enough



Pour down feelings

Thick syrup that smothers out the taste

Of everything bland 

And uneventful

Because when this pressure 

Continues to push

There must be a release 

One way or another

As the whistle blows

The fire ignites

As chemicals self expose

The death they hold inside

Will demand to be satisfied

My lashes fall

As vision fades

This is enough