Climbing Mountains

I am choosing

To walk straight ahead

Neck above shoulders

Chin raised

Noticing nothing

Of the blemishes on my face

I have fought 

And lost

Another battle ahead

Your eyes are narrow

Like your heart

And your head

That filled your mouth

With all of those lies

You chewed up at night

Believed they were true

I believe in the mountains 

They don’t move

Or disappear when it rains

Noble character is hard to find

Maybe impossible

So we look to the sky

Believe our voice is heard

As we mourn for our inspiration

To live a life 

Full of hope

When all we have found 

Are fists full of sand

Aimed for the eyes

I cry from the pain

I cry from the letdown

I cry for the lost opportunity 

Of what could have been

What I saw 

In bits and pieces 

Of torn apart outings

That were perfect in hindsight

Not understanding 

Not seeing the tear that caused the gaping hole

This is what bruised my internal organs 

That bleed into the night

As I lay alone


From the glow of the solemn moon

To the shine of the gregarious sun

I will leave you there

At the bewitching hour

When ghosts have their time

And remind us of what is no longer there