Cement Man

There was a man

He lived on cement 

Walls coated with stainless steel

He crushed leaves beneath his feet

And hated the sand

If sidewalks could be covered 

He’d prefer it that way

One day he went for a drive

Off the pavement 

Dust filled the air

He looked straight ahead

Unfazed by the dirt

He has something to do

More important things filled his mind

He turned the wheel with ease

No music filled the void

One mile after the next


Through a clearing

The house could be seen

So innocent in its isolation

He parked and slowly but confidently stepped out

He looked down to breathe in

Courage can only be found from within

Breathe out

Time to go in

No knock needed

No intrusion if no one living is home

He saw her brown curls spread across fabric

A hand limply hanging 

A phone on the floor 


She had one last task to do 

Check in to see how the day was 

What things each other might be going through 

There was no call that day 

But that was the warning

The sounding of an alarm

A quiet one 

Only heard by one

She may not have had many loves

But she did get a man made of cement to visit her in nature