Peel away

All of it

Stop shaking

Stop thinking

Stop hesitating

Your mind is a weapon 

With suicide scrolling through its bent halls

Empty faces 

With boxed up ears

Open funnel mouths

Spreading the coincidental tragedy 

Of what you could have been

The more you say

The more you explain

The more they back away

Even the listeners

Don’t like to hear

From mouths of the destitute 

Of the lost

Of the needy

Avoiding empathy at all costs


Hated more than lazy stagnation

Fills the void of contemplation 

Examination of unfortunate circumstances

A broken person was not delivered in poor condition

Molded by the thoughtless frustration of a fully formed being unable to cope with this world

The cycle continues 

I’ve been on both sides

Only thing worse than being a victim 

Is seeing evil corruption

When you look a reflection in the eyes



I’ve lost pieces of myself I don’t think I can get back

On this journey of forced self discovery 

I’m finding an empty shell

Of what was hollowed out years ago

Forgiveness was never requested

Neither was it given

It sits silently waiting for the next offender to stealthily creep in

Only to disappear 

Once the transplant organs have finally agreed to accept one another

Being ripped from beneath surgery’s scars

Because permanence no longer exists

Momentary complacency is all there is until someone gets bored 

Or tired

Or frustrated 

Your hatred of my self pity

Your belief it is a debt I fully charged against myself

Your disappointment in my unwillingness to accept the circumstances I was hesitantly remitted 

Because god dammit I worked too hard 

Bleeding from every overworked joint that cracks from the omission of peaceful rest

To ride a path only of simplicity 

Not immense wealth or fame

Enough to get by and not worry

About holes in the ceiling

And mice in the kitchen

Honoring the person I have earned the right to be

I will not be sold or compromised 

This battle is not done

Despite what you’ve heard

Money is not my king

I will live a fulfilled life 

Even if it is lived alone