Aging Hope

Were we pulled from our infancy too soon

Told to set fire to anything showing us affection

To blow away the idea of contentment

To favor her darker sister: misery

In all of her liquid temptation 

That coats the back of our throats

As we dry heave pieces of our hope into the sink

Watch them scramble about 

Starting to move 

Take on their own state of existence

As they crawl into the next host 


More naive

Like we

Used to be
Now forcing us to sit down and watch

From a leather lazy boy

As our mistakes play on repeat / shuffle

Order doesn’t matter

The intention didn’t leave us where we lie

The follow through

From pressing that peddle down

Catapulted you through that glass 
We were fifty feet from discovering a new land

But the fracture from our previous injury

Leaves us paralyzed

From the neck down