You won’t be unseen forever

Moving under cover

Every face sees the sun

Not realizing the image 


On its beams


In nature

Home finds you

Even on the streets

Closer than vinyl siding

Blue and grey

Mixed with uniform hedges

You lived that life once

But the open air has always 

Blown through your sun-bleached hair

Knots are reminders of what was seen

What was felt 

Diving into shallow water

I’ve wanted it too

A hard ending


No semicolon

Why should you look up

It’s hard to put into words

Like the view from a mountain

Carefully traversed

You mini warrior

Give it everything

Nothing less

Don’t stop

One foot in front of the other

Don’t stop

Heart growing with each deep breath

Don’t stop

I’ll miss your face

Without ever having heard your voice

We can’t keep living this way

Passing strangers



Without knowing their purpose

Their reason for putting warm feet on cold wooden floors

I want to know you


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