I Am

I created angels from broken glass

Others only saw jagged edges

My vision was warped by their assumption

Monsters began to walk at night

Hiding in my own mummification

I numbed every cell that felt alive

Trying to cover up my shameful mistakes

Rotting flesh began to rise 

From the inside

It was my own

Until I stepped back 


At the absurdity of expectations

Great and small

Claiming to have none

All of them were disgusted by their own inconvenience

How weak they must be 

To expect peace 

When life is nothing but a glorious battle

To survive

Bending down

Sweeping up ashes

I accepted what was lost

No longer will I be told what is right

I carved this road

Into the mountainside

Every curve

Every bend

I won’t flinch 

Or bat an eye

When tires squeal

To hug its sides

You don’t want to see

What’s on the other side

I never offered a free ride

This is my land 

I will drench her when she catches fire

And watch as the roots begin to grow


I am 

And will remain


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