My Way

I’ve got giggles in both hands

Sometimes I make them cry

They pull open my eyes

I’m not doing it according to plan

People don’t like being surprised

Makes them think

Something must be wrong

Not following a dotted line

I don’t fake a smile

I tell you when I’m cold

I won’t be a model 


Turning from the inside

It’s rough terrain

Discovering wings and legs we’ve never seen

Someone may ask to hitch a ride

If they don’t

We’ll be just fine

I feel too much

So I’ve been told

My heart is cold

So I’ve been scolded

I’m much too free 

So I’ve been reminded

I’m too rigid 

So I’ve been convinced

It’s so interesting how open we are

To critique each other’s lives

We keep on turning 

Revolving into each other’s past

I’ve got my little people 

You’ve got your big plans

I’ll watch you fly overhead

Plotting your investments 

One wise move at a time

I’ll look people in the eye

Tell them why I’m not afraid to die

We all have our way 

This is just mine


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