Good Vibrations

Waking up

To empty light

Hides loneliness 

Behind its deceptively 

Positive appearance

Like the faces on the street 

In their automobiles

Listening to shitty music

On their way to nowhere

Feeling important

Maybe they have it too


Or maybe we’re all blind 

Pretending to see

Into eyes

That splinter into different directions 


Wanting more than is possible 

Wanting more than a smile on a face

All we can give

All of us 

Have a love story

Written on our skin

Some of us pretend we don’t 

Some of us force it down

Swallowing pieces that didn’t fit 



And glory





From just being next to 

Another lonely 

Lost lover

Getting them to laugh

That jubilant state of completeness 

When cheeks rise to a standing ovation

The music of laughter fills our brains

What have we forgotten

What have we left behind

What have we never seen

I don’t want anything from you

If you don’t feel the vibrations inside


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