Come here 


Let me give you a kiss

Blow you away 

Into the future

What have you got to risk?

I’ve tried touching you

Always falling apart

I had visions 

Sneakers on railroad tracks

That was back then

When the world was round

Looped around 

Connected on all ends

Before strings were cut

Seams violently split

I saw you holding a diamond

Delicately cut

Placed it on spidery fingers

White strip teeth

I’ve never been that kind

Hair tangled in the wind

Dirt from the mountains in every pore

Colors chipped 

Edges jagged

When it comes to choosing 

Someone to stand behind

I never knew how to be in that line

So I sing what I want

Dance how I can

Strong in my shoulders

Lifting life up with both hands

I’ll die knowing

I could have been a prize 

In another life

In another way

If only I had learned 

To walk that way

Maybe it’s better 

To not be put on a shelf

I’ve always loved moving 

Directly where 

The sun hits the earth


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