Land That I Love







Don’t you forget

Land that I Love

What it is we came here seeking

Carry me to the sea

Lead me down your cracked roads 

Guide me to the lights of the city

Give me choice 

And a voice

Never try to harness my mind

Our actions should be kind

Let us not assume a privilege

That was paid with our great grandfather’s blood

Assumptions are naive

And lead to a loss of what was won

Let us be educated

The only weapon to fight a bomb

Compromise is not defeat

But giving up our values and beliefs

That’s not what makes us who we are

As we stand on our feet

Hands over hearts

This is not a mindless act

This is dedication to a way of life

That is so rare

So fragile

Let us disagree

And make a point 

But also be willing to hear

We need a left 

And a right

In order to remain 

Thoughtful debate

And concentrated thought 

Let us not, as Thomas said,

Go gentle into that good night

No immunity has been given

But rather a continuous fight 

To keep what we have

And that is our God given right


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