Bottom of the Ocean 

I swam at the bottom of the ocean

When home felt submerged 

I contemplated my existence 

No conclusion 

Short term

I felt uncomfortable with my own 


How low we can go

I let my body drift 

Through murky water 

Lightly filtered music 

All that kept me sane 

Sitting on couches 

Felt like a tomb

Walking in rooms 

With no exit 

I can’t explain that weight

Placed under the skin

Sometimes it’s hard to breathe 

Sometimes a marathon is ran

Thoughts paralyze

And I sit

And I sit

And I sit

Hearing all of the voices 

In my head

Feeling all of the pressure 

Stay in bed

Could break me

It’s hard to tell

All I know

All I see

Are mistakes 


In a lifetime

I don’t recognize

Now I’m a prisoner

In my own paradigm 

I keep seeing images

I haven’t yet lived

Then wondering why 

That damn bridge 

Keeps breathing my name

The only receiver

You can’t save me


I can’t do it alone


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