I’m going to

Start this thing

Over again

Why can’t I

I’ve always said

Based life on a 




Now I’ve been educated

Ready to take a thoughtful approach

That doesn’t take itself too seriously

Dusty books

Broken bones

Everything ends up 

As the same dirt beneath oblivious feet

I’ll travel the solar system

Maybe run into you

Make you wish you could catch my incessant    

Thirst for climbing

That drives each foot forward

Making life go 

Oh so abruptly

With no shock absorbers

Full impact

Felt through the heart

Which is why it beats so powerfully

Working it’s way through the pain

I don’t feel anymore

All I feel is an urge to be inspired

Expand on a temporary world 

That will barely know my name

But those of you 

That spent time 

Entangled in my arms and legs

Will never forget 

The way I lived 

And laughed from the inside


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