Old Fashioned

“Old Thinking”

Men passing 


Around at the bar

This is funny

As they smoke their cigar

Women with large naked breasts

Makes them laugh 

Without shame

Call me

Old fashioned 


I’m sick of this one-sided game

Women feed the disease 

With attention seeking ways

A night of cat and mouse

With one final aim

Wouldn’t it be nice

To talk and be heard

To be more than skin that covers bones 

Imperfections that are abruptly pointed out 

As if we forgot what could be seen behind our doubt

Watching hips swivel 

Necklines plunge

There’s a difference between being free

And blindly fastening our own chains

30 days and 30 nights of being touched without permission

Expectations clearly laid

A right to our bodies

Implied and assumed

No interest in our brains

I met a man who looked me in the eye

He talked to me 

He listened when I spoke

Heard when I paused 

Respect given and received

No assumption of my body’s obligation 

To make him feel like a man

Shockingly rare 

Refreshingly calm

Anticipation unforced 

Rules we once knew

Rituals we once followed

Before we became beasts 

Tackling each other in dark corners

The mind is so much more seductive 

Than an animalistic urge

To conquer and claim

To own and submit

I look forward to finding out

How deep this old way of thinking goes


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