We all thought we’d save each other one day

Not realizing who was causing all of this pain 

What a thing it is 

To see a person 

Stand by another person

Even when they’ve fallen down

Instead of


Saving up fortunes

Not letting white picket fences be torn down by our neighbor’s bad luck

Because that would be tough

And we all should have boundaries

Protecting our American dreams

One “Z” at a time

When it comes down to it

We are looking for our own reflection 

To follow down the aisle

But what happens when we don’t recognize

The sound of our own voice 


The look of our own eyes

When life has stolen who we thought we were 

Who are we?

The imageless?

The lost?

The misplaced?

The unwanted?

There is no persona to attract

No love to be found

What they don’t understand 

Is we could be pulled up with a little faith

A little courage from you

To walk beside

I looked into your eyes as you pulled me up

I watched as the light faded

I realized 

I was simply being tossed aside

I can’t help but hope

It is what humans do

But my mind knows

I should have never loved you


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