Challenger Deep

I had to get the water out

Weighing down the ship

Loosened all unnecessary luxuries 

Threw them o’er the side

Checked the vessel for leaky seems

Tightened all the screws

It seemed our voyage was at a loss

But I was simply recovering from you

I told the crew

To take leave

We wouldn’t be setting sail 

Pirates boarded the ship

Used up every resource they could find

I tried to fight them off

Then I simply let them come inside

Began to barter and haggle

Convince myself I was in control

The ship had changed 

The vessel that once saved my life

Now felt like a tomb

Carrying me to a final deep sea dive

I found myself sleeping during the day

Riding the waves at night 

Eventually all sleeping ceased 

I walked half dead when the sun was up

Fell into unconsciousness for an hour at a time

Never enough to find myself

Sanity was walking the line

Now I’m sick of feeling stuck

Always hated fighting the tide

The doldrums love seeing me lose my mind

I won’t allow it this time

You deep sea creatures

We are coming for you

Upgraded to dive

I didn’t make it traveling the seven seas

Forced beneath the surface

I’ll make it my home

Challenger Deep

We’ll see how far you really go

What ungodly souls live inside


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