Laceration of the Heart

In fact

I have been 


From the shackles of worry

As the earth collapses in on itself

For when everything is lost

What more can be done

But to love

Those left standing 

Amidst the rubble

The little 

The fragile

The pure

They will be my heart

And I will carry them with me

From this world

Into the next

I will protect them

As best a mother can

But there will be inevitable hurt

So bone crushing

I can’t keep them from it

Despite my strongest desire

To keep them bubble wrapped


In the end 

All I can do

Is heal the cuts

And bruises

And lacerations of the heart

With tight hugs

And gentle shoulder squeezes

Because when it comes to love

I love them so stinkin’ much 

It makes me bend the bows of the trees

And stop the flowing of the seas

It is misunderstood

And under prioritized

But if I could

I’d do it all again


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