Flightless Bird

I haven’t been able to find words

Ears are no longer leant

Separation is getting harder for me

It’s happening so frequently

The forest is losing too many trees

And a bird without a nest

Is mocked for its awkward state

As it flies into glass 

Squawking for relief 

From the torrential downpour

Of a solitary life 

With chicks hatching

Into a world of great indifference

What is a broken wing

When jets fly overhead

I’d rather bury my head

And be the flightless bird I once was

Than fly headfirst into hurricane strength winds

Expected to come out the other side singing a sweet little tune

So the neighbors aren’t uncomfortable

Or bothered

Or put out in any way

Because customer satisfaction of the masses is our god

As it equals currency

That can not be exchanged

Do we have a right to happiness?

Damn right

Do we have an obligation to be temporarily inconvenienced in order to help a friend off the streets?


Their own bad choices led to their demise

The inevitable paradox

It makes sense now why I find myself dumbfounded 

Unable to communicate necessary thoughts

Love is elastic 

It slipped away

It snapped me back into a catatonic state


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