I’ve been thinking

Too much

Turning skin

Inside out

Painting colors

Out of shapes

Bending time 

To Stitch together reasons

For why

And how

And what should have been

I’ve been treading water 

At the bottom of the ocean

With an anchor around my neck

I’ve been loving ghosts

Of people I never really knew

I’ve been corresponding 

The recipient: my own ink

I’ve been making arrangements 

In my head 

Closing the deal 

In daydreams

Opening up windows 

In closed off closets

Going sailing 

In a landlocked city

Surrounded by walls

I’ve been thinking

A bit too much

I think my mind is knotted up

Even that thought

Pulled more gray matter through

Someday I won’t think so much

When my mind forgets how to remember

And I don’t remember you


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