Let Me Down

You let me down

I’m not supposed to say

Soft spots in muscles show
You let me down

I walked away

Forced to turn nice and slow
We pull 

And tear

And claw 

At each other’s face

Pretending we 

Want more

But really we want less 

Of who they are

Because we feel something when it’s too hard

And we don’t want to stand next to them

Hair blowing away

You loved

And then it went away

When the walls began to shake

But that wasn’t your burden to take

That’s the excuse you gave

Because love has insurance

No liability

Once the premium is paid

You were polite

As you dipped out of sight

So what more could I say

No bruises in daylight

This was a success

You wanted me

All of me

The splinters of me

Softly pressed into your tongue

Until life made it clear

That my path was a battle

You loved to run

But only for fun

You let me down

As a person

To another person

You watched me crawl 

“It’s just over” you said

Loving when it’s easy isn’t love at all

It’s a parasite 

Draining resources

Until the shell is empty

Moving on

To find the next host

I’ll love again

And look into their eyes

As I sit back 


To let fangs sink deep inside


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