In a Corner

I’m in a corner

All of the perfect ones have been chosen

I’ve been identified 

Without class

It was intriguing to you

Until you go too close

Saw a pixilated advertisement

Reminded you of your aim

Claim your reward

For being human

Born into a respectable home

Or maybe you were one of the slightly 



The ones we like to see win

Not the vagabonds

That must have chosen the wrong avenue

On life’s path

With no connection to community

Because they were always pushed out

No, they must have done something wrong

Been offensive in some way

No other explanation

It’s easier to pray

Than to sit

Face to face 

With a problem

I don’t want to do this anymore

Solve unfinished equations

Only to drop the chalkboard in the snow

I don’t want to make castles out of sand

Watch as the sea carries them away

I don’t want to pretend like I don’t hear

Voices that are screaming in my ear

I don’t want to pretend not to love 

Just because you left

I don’t want to be independently strong

Secretly cracking in the folds of my brain

Because we don’t whisper our struggles

We wouldn’t dare

Not when no one cares

Not truly

Not restlessly

Not proactively

Maybe in passing

When they wonder if their daughter is alive

But passing thoughts are bullshit

And you can choke on them when you die


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