Life is louder than circumstance

I’m numb

Empty cocoon

Spring will tell my secrets

I’ve been trying to cover up

Bruises seeping through


Stand up

No time

No rest



The heart into a tender muscle

That can be devoured

As the world gobbles up

Every shred of innocence left

How can this continue

On knees

And knuckles

Protecting the inner core

Of everything as the walls crumble

No home

No sanctuary

“It will be okay”

Is a lie

I’ve been trying to swallow



Having the proof before me

But no one likes to see sadness

So I’ve been hiding 

Under a desk

Made out of metal

That says I’m fine

Getting through each day

One minute at a time

How can shoulders turn 

So cold 

So quickly

I have nothing to give

In a world built of plastic molds

I’m sorry

I’m wilting 

I’ve never given up


Every flower in a vase 

Has a short life to live


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