You, Me, and the Sea

I drove into the desert

Lost sight of the sea

My direction was askew 

I forgot about you

The importance of you

The necessity of you

I messed up

Thinking I needed 

A hand

But all those that extended 

Were fake

Leaving me holding 


But sand

My own thirst only leaves my throat more dry

Your smile

Your hope 

Let’s rivers run through 

My eyes

I carried you

When you were helpless

I taught you how to smile

Now I teach you what shape creates a broken heart

Full of empty promises 

Life’s let downs

Accomplishments overlooked

But that’s not all there is

I don’t want you to think that it is

I’m going to

One screw at a time

Piece back together this rig

Carry it on my own back if I must

I’m going to carry us home

To the sea

Where life is an adventure

And smiles are truth

If you’re happy

I’m happy, baby

No more crying over shadows that didn’t see the spark

For the people who said we weren’t worth the battles in the dark

You and I know the stories we hold

Much brighter than gold

As we shine

The naysayers 

The ones who told us to go back

The ones who spit on our unmarked vacant graves

Will grovel

What a sight we’ve made

Our castle by the sea

No matter where it is

I’ve got you

And you’ve got me

Blood is thick 

And coats our hearts twice

Ain’t nobody got what we’ve got 

Happiness is so much sweeter when it comes from the dirt found under our nails from clawing our way out 

Rinse it away in the cleansing salt water

I’ll keep a jar of it

To remind me of hard times

When I still had you

And you still had me

Happiness reverberates through the sounds made by the sea


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