A Time Before 

I can’t force meaning anymore

When words are empty

So I’ll paint you a picture

In deep forest green

The kind your mother spoke of

The kind that takes away

Before the earth began to spin

When you wanted to fall in love

People were still friends

When difficult was a challenge

We were still willing to face

Before robot animation took the place

Of the shape of your face

When cheekbones were impressive

And freckles were treasured

Scars were bragging rights

Touches from hands made us tingle

Kisses were rare 

Given only when earned

The world has been filled with nonsense

Most of us are overwhelmed

We’re sedated by roller coasters

Cartoons placed over our skin

We’re not real anymore

We are a digital version of ourselves

And our souls have been blocked by the firewall

You wanted to see me

Here I am


And raw


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