Sometimes it works

And sometimes it all falls apart

I have been following the tides 

Waiting to find the shore 

But the lighthouse isn’t lit

They’ve given up on me

I breathe in 

Lungs full of foam

I have become my tribulation

Staring into the crevices of time

That seem to suck down the blood of life

I never meant to be 



In my glass case

But when I found out 

My fingertips were laced with poison

I covered myself 

With a sheet of ice

And jumped into

The Arctic Sea

It doesn’t release you

As quickly

As it welcomes you in

Filled with lost souls

Who realized there is no “home”

We float together under the ice

But rarely do we see

Into another’s eyes

I got sick of spinning

That’s how I ended up

Near the Emerald Isle

The place my ancestors folded their clothes

I want to start over

Build it up from the soil

Command you to carry your weight

As you question how so much strength could be held 

Behind sick fragile eyes

That brim with a weakness

I rarely let see the light

The thing that puzzles me the most

Is that I feel bad for everything you will miss

When the sun comes up

And the hills shine green

You’ll be nowhere to be seen
You gave up

Before the road cleared up

Before the waves washed me onto the shore

You see

I’ve been doing this more than half of my life

And I think the clearing after the storm

Is more beautiful

Than the ivory tower

You have in your dreams

You’ll never see that mountainside bloom

What a shame 


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