How many times will a lioness roar through the night until her heaving chest has found a home

By now, the fear of disappointment has been confronted 

Eye to eye

My eyes are now closed

My arms are crossed

My mind has hit the reset button

You cannot call me your friend

When you feed pieces of me to the desert scavengers

I will call you out every time you are not there

I hate everything that could have been

And the blame that is placed on my shoulders for not being what someone thought I should be

By cooperating with society the way with which you feel comfortable

I can’t pretend this implosion feels good

So you feel okay

Like you did all you could

This wasn’t your problem

Because homelessness



Aren’t any of our problems

Until war levels the playing field

And everyone ends up on the street 


Because high rise apartments only reach so far into heaven 

Before God knocks them down and confuses our language 

We never communicated anyway

Why does it cause so much distress now

The lowest of all of you

Are the ones who cry for equality

While stepping on fingers that are grasping for their last hope in life

Because they aren’t your cause


The enemy of us all

The humble braggers letting us know of their good deeds

The poverty-stricken wealthy afraid of being taxed

The minorities with a city of support scoffing at the fatherless for doing it wrong

We can not overcorrect and head straight into a wall of water that is about to wipe out the shore

Lift me up

I’ll throw down a ladder

Stop stifling me with judgements and assumptions

Our humanity is being lost

I feel my human tissue being replaced with robotic lungs

I want out


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