Treacherous Chances

Not stopping

Not giving itself time

Turning into knots

Most treacherous kind

Entangling vital organs

Stopping the flow of blood

Loving someone once

Capricious feelings at best

Life felt uninhibited

And clouds were close enough to touch 

Then you took off from a shoddy runway  

Left your flight plan slightly skewed 

The only way back down 

Was to return to what you knew


Hoping you’d land back here

Ironing creases out of broken bones

Realizing looking up


Making one-sided plans

With pure intentions

That have not been proven

Or tested

But lived out in nightly dreams

Where you tell me 

Everything will be okay

Opening eyes to daylight

Reality hitting one molecule at a time

All that you see

Is a waste of time

A challenging climb

A prize not worth the crime

No logic lost

Life didn’t always have radioactive spider webs 

Still no one wanted to sit side by side

No feast at a table now

Dining at a cold metal slab

No one knows where the meat 

Found in the stew

Came from 

Those bones look close to home


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