You think mountains are formed from stagnant weather?

These ridges were slammed into place

With shaken shoulders 

Ecstatic crescendo 

Building upon itself 

As I caught fire

You thought you could watch the flames 

Without getting singed

Silly human

Flames dance in place

But they spread with time

I will twirl past this moment 

One spin at a time

Encourage the ocean to challenge my rhyme

With an ancient mariner in mind

Never shoot something just for fun

It will haunt you in your dreams

Love someone just for fun

Selfish ambition

Working through all of the reasons I should stay alone

I don’t need your recognition

Or your time

I dance alone 

Just fine

Carry me 

Into the night 

I’ll dive down to the ocean 


Until I’m no longer seen

And you begin to count

Air bubbles as you question 

My mortality

But I don’t care if you worry

I’m in no hurry

Broken hearts don’t need to breathe


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